How to Improve Window Security

Lindsay Haskell
Lindsay Haskell

With all the impressive smart technology that’s recently entered the home security space, securing your windows is easy to overlook. Window security is crucial, nonetheless, as windows can become unexpected entrances for intruders, who can break the glass to forcibly enter. The right window security not only physically bars criminals from entering your home, but also quickly deters them from attempting. 

Tips on Improving Window Security

Install or repair window locks

According to, 95% of burglaries involve a forceful entry, such as breaking a window or door. Having window locks visible from the outside shows you care about securing your home’s entries. They can serve to help deter potential intruders who scout homes for burglaries, as locked windows are much harder to get in through.

Install window bars

Considering windows are made of glass, they’re still breakable and burglars can enter them even when locked. Window bars are vertical bars often featuring designs for a more aesthetic appearance. They can be installed on the outside of windows that slide to open and close. Typically made of iron or steel, window bars serve as strong physical barriers preventing any entry by intruders. You can find them in various colors and styles to match the outer look of your home.

Install window sensors

As part of your home security system, you want a sensor on every entrance to your home that an intruder could potentially use to get inside. If you have windows that aren’t barred or locked, you definitely want to install window sensors on each of them so that they will trigger the alarm if the windows are opened unexpectedly or unknowingly. Even on locked windows, it’s smart to install window sensors. This way, if you forget to lock these windows, they’re still secured by the alarm system.

Install tempered glass

Tempered glass is glass that’s gone through additional processing that makes it have around four times the strength of regular glass. Whereas typical window glass can shatter with a strong fist alone, windows made of tempered glass are difficult to break and they don’t shatter if they do get broken. Installing tempered glass in favor of annealed glass for your windows helps improve your home’s impenetrability. 

Thorny shrubbery

The landscape is the first area burglars take into consideration when scouting a home as a potential break-in opportunity. Surrounding your home with obtrusive landscape choices like thorny shrubbery can help dissuade them. If there’s a prickly, annoying hedge in the way of accessing a window to your home, any burglar is less likely to take an interest.

Additional Security Can Improve Window Security

These are some additional security considerations that complement window security measures:

  • Security Monitoring – 24/7 professional home monitoring service is like the glue holding your home security equipment together. When an entry sensor or glass break sensor detects a window break-in has occurred, the alarm signals the call center, which responds and dispatches emergency services. A great home security system includes video surveillance monitoring and having outdoor cameras that cover your windows can capture an entrance into your home and deter attempts.
  • Motion-Activated Floodlights – Outdoor floodlights turn on when they sense motion within a certain range. These are helpful for hands-free access to lighting when it’s dark. If you place motion-activated floodlights within range of your home’s windows, they turn on when any criminal is attempting a break-in, immediately scaring them away with the bright lights. Smart motion-triggered floodlight cameras even send updates to your phone when they detect motion while the system is armed.
  • Install a Video Doorbell – Having a video doorbell as part of your window security system is helpful for ensuring nobody dangerous slips in. When you have your window alarm connected to your base station, any triggered alarm from your windows notifies you or your monitoring company. Plus, if you have a smart lock installed, you can open your door remotely for a delivery person or cleaning staff while you’re away.

Next Steps?

Windows are often the most vulnerable entry points at risk of letting in a home intruder. In addition to front doors, burglars look for windows as potential avenues for getting inside. When you purchase a home security system, walk your home and note all your windows first. You want to ensure your new system provides all the window security features required to secure your home. 
We recommend looking for providers that offer top-quality equipment packages and plenty of customization options so you can equip your home with exactly what it needs. We recommend going with a reputable nationwide professional monitoring provider like SimpliSafe, Vivint, or ADT, which have fast response times and flexible, affordable plans. Look for a provider that monitors everything from fire alarms to burglar alarms, with smart device integrations.

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