In America, a burglary occurs every 25.7 seconds, which works out to almost 4,000 burglaries per day. Out of all the entry points, windows are the second most popular way for thieves to gain entry into the home at 25%. By taking the right precautions to make sure that your windows are protected, you could minimize the chances of someone breaking into your home by 25%. Because your home’s windows are vital to overall home security, we have provided some tips about window security to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. 

Improving the Window Itself

Install or repair window locks and sashes. There are several types of locks you can purchase (pin locks, keyed locks, hinged wedge locks, etc.) depending on the type of windows in your home. Additional locks increase window security, even if your home is already equipped with standard window locks. Sashes are a unique type of lock that allows a window to open and stay secured in place. These are typically installed with double-hung windows and are home security-friendly because they are difficult to open from the exterior. 

Add a Charley Bar or other kind of window edge. Window edges, like the Charley Bar, are single security bars that are installed at the bottom of the window and must be raised from the inside in order to open it. This makes entry from the outside much more difficult, increasing window security. 

Install window bars. While this may seem like an extreme form of security, burglars won’t be able to fit through the bars even if they smash the window. There are decorative options available on the market that can be customized to fit the style of your home to increase the curb appeal of this window security measure. 

Add window sensors. If you own a overall home security, chances are you already have window sensors installed. Window sensors are designed to detect when a window is opened and typically are designed to sound an alarm.  

Post a “Beware of Dog” sign. The presence of a “Beware of Dog” sign is sometimes enough to stop a crime before it begins. Consider posting a sign in plain sight on your window to warn off intruders.

Put a sign up and/or decals on the windows. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. If you have a home security system, you should always place a sign or decal in plain sight. In most cases, security system companies will provide them to you for free. Be cautious if you decide to take the affordable route and overall home security as they are often distinguishable from those of real brands and some savvy burglars may notice the difference. 

Install tempered glass, plexiglass, or polycarbonate windows. Windows made of these types of glass can be more expensive but are significantly stronger than regular glass. As an added window security measure, consider installing them in common burglary window entry points such as first floor windows near the front door and at the back of your home. 

Upgrading the Window’s Surroundings

Install a security camera monitoring the most prominent windows. Security cameras are an excellent burglary deterrent. They allow you to monitor activity around your home and can deter burglars if placed in a visible location. Security cameras are associated with a security system, which is a further deterrent to burglars. There’s a wide array of choices on the market including indoor, outdoor, and even 360 view security cameras. Installing security cameras is typically a very simple process but if preferred, your security system provider can professionally install the cameras for you.

Install motion activated floodlights. These floodlights will turn on automatically when movement is detected in your yard. The best options on the market include weatherproof lights, lights with various lighting modes, variations with LED lights, and lights that are smart home compatible. 

Install a video doorbell. As an all-in-one motion detector and security camera, video doorbells record video when motion is detected. Some have two-way enabled speech so you could warn off burglars by alerting them that you’re calling the police. 

Plant spiky bushes. Adding thorny shrubbery around your windows can help discourage potential burglars and help prevent them from coming inside. 

Good Neighborhood Security Practices in General

If not already offered in your area, you can start an organized Neighborhood Watch group, which is a simple and effective way to keep your community safe. Neighborhood Watch groups that meet regularly and communicate effectively provide valuable security to the entire neighborhood by helping create awareness, build camaraderie, and notify of any strange activity. There are also online tools that can help track your neighborhood’s safety, like SpotCrime, Nextdoor, and The Neighbors App by Ring. 

The Bottom Line

With window entry accounting for approximately 25% of all burglary entry points, taking the right precautions to protect your windows can significantly increase the security of your home. Installing security cameras, window locks, planting thorny bushes, or joining a Neighborhood Watch are all great ways to improve window security and protect what matters most in your home.