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  • March 14, 2018 - We’ve revisited this review to add more detail about Allstate’s deductions and how the insurer stacks up against the competition. We also examine a recent article describing the insurance industry’s tactics for evaluating mileage as a risk factor in determining rates, with attention to Allstate’s particular practices.
  • January 12, 2018 - We’ve updated this review to take into account the most current consumer studies and financial strength ratings for insurance providers. Allstate maintains its high level of customer satisfaction during the claims process, but customers have reported high prices compared to competitors with similar offerings. We'll be taking a closer look at auto insurance providers in the next month, so stay tuned for more.

Our Allstate Review

Allstate offers a streamlined claims process from the moment you file to the time of repairs. Features like its Claims Satisfaction Guarantee (available in over 40 states) ensure that customers get the coverage they pay for. And a wide range of policy and coverage options allow the insurer to deliver on its promise of providing customers the protection that best suits their needs.

While Allstate's protection and claims process are thorough, you’ll have to pay more for them. Consumer studies indicate that the company has higher rates compared to competitors with similar coverage options. In addition, potential customers have reported a few difficulties when trying to purchase their coverage. But if you're willing to pay a little extra for highly rated support in the case of an accident, Allstate is worth a look.

The Claim

Allstate claims its innovative resources and personalized help from expert agents will take the complication out of car insurance. With access to a rich body of online learning materials and local agents nationwide, Allstate promises you won’t be without guidance as you navigate its diverse coverage options.

The company also guarantees a straightforward claims process. An online dashboard and its 24/7 claims center allow you to check the status of your claim and repairs day or night. For Allstate, that means less time worrying whether your claim is proceeding and greater confidence that you'll soon be back to life as usual.

Is it true?

Sort of.

Allstate ranks ninth out of the 24 leading car insurance providers in the J.D. Power 2017 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. The report indicates Allstate provides above-average service during both the estimation and repair process compared to other industry leaders. As the third leading provider of car insurance in the United States, Allstate also has an expansive network of agents and 3,500 repair shops to help you get through the claims process and back on the road quickly and confidently.

The Allstate Tools and Resource section online also offers articles and video tutorials on a wide range of topics, from insurance terminology to tips for choosing coverage options. With guides and tools like a car payment calculator, Allstate helps you understand exactly what your policy covers while staying within your budget. Most customers are probably already familiar with the fundamentals of auto insurance, but knowing the ins and outs of your coverage will help you navigate the more complicated claims process — that means less frustration and greater understanding between you and your Allstate agent.

However, it’s worth noting that the actual process of buying insurance from Allstate isn’t quite as easy. A separate J.D. Power study of customer satisfaction during the shopping process lists Allstate below the industry average. According to the report, potential customers can expect higher rates and less helpful sales representatives compared to Allstate’s competitors. Although premiums differ by location and driving record, the studies show that you’ll likely be able to find the same level of coverage for a better price elsewhere. But you can always call a local agent rather than a sales rep if you want more personalized service, and if you’re willing to pay a little more for a provider that ranks within the top ten for claims satisfaction, Allstate is a viable choice.

Other Considerations

One of the simplest ways to save money on insurance is through discounts. Allstate doesn’t have the most deductions in the industry, but its offerings are comparable to those of other major insurers like MetLife and Liberty Mutual. What it does offer are discounts that will specifically benefit families with student drivers, as well as those customers whose vehicles come equipped with standard and advanced safety features.

Allstate’s Smart Student Discount is open to unmarried drivers under the age of 25 who qualify for one of three requirements: being a full-time student who maintains good grades in school, completing the insurer’s teenSMART driver education program, or by attending a school at least 100 miles away from where their vehicle is garaged (intended for students who will only be driving when home on breaks or vacations). This provides allows a range of students to benefit from Allstate’s discounts and offers price breaks for a demographic that’s generally among the most expensive to insure.

Allstate also prioritizes safety features by providing discounts for vehicles with anti-lock brakes or anti-theft devices. These features come standard in most newer vehicles, which means owners of new car models will likely benefit from these deductions without doing anything extra, thus offering a simple way for customers to cut costs on coverage.

As with every insurer, you won’t qualify for every discount offered by Allstate. But more discounts give customers more opportunities to save on the cost of premiums, and certain drivers may benefit from the specific deductions Allstate does provide. Given the range of coverage options and discounts available, it’s worth getting a quote from Allstate to see how rates from the “good hands” insurer stack up against the competition.

A Closer Look at Features

Price Quotes will differ from person to person
In Business Since 1931
Best For People who want a straightforward claims process or families with student drivers
Not For People looking for lower premiums
Standout Features
  • Straightforward claims process
  • Claims satisfaction guarantee
  • Online policy management and learning materials
  • Widely available agents in all 50 states
  • 24/7 claims center
  • Rideshare coverage
  • Safe driver discount
  • New car discount
  • Accident-free discount
  • Anti-lock brake and anti-theft discount
  • Good student discount
  • Automatic withdrawal discount
  • Responsible payer discount
  • Safe driver discount
J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Rating 833 out of 1000
(Below Industry Average)
J.D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Rating 864 out of 1000
(Above Industry Average)
A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating A (Excellent)
Moody's Rating A3 (Good)
Standard and Poor's Rating A (Strong)

Our Deep Dive

  • Helpful and Streamlined Claim Process: Allstate also provides online and mobile claim filing tools that make it easier to file fast and get your car fixed. When an accident occurs or your car sustains other damage covered by your policy, its detailed guides will help you through the process step by step — you can even download and print worksheets to help collect and organize all your claim information.

    There are also no restrictions on choosing a repair facility, so you can use your favorite local repair shop or go with a facility in the Allstate Good Hands Repair Network. All of that results in a streamlined reporting procedure and repairs you can feel confident in. You always have the option of speaking with a claims agent for personalized service as well.
  • Claims satisfaction guarantee: Although Allstate’s claims process is solid, if you’re not happy with your auto claim, its Claim Satisfaction Guarantee means you’ll receive credit amounting to six months' worth of premium costs — no questions asked. The guarantee is only available in 43 states but is included for free with all standard Allstate policies for those who have access.
  • Easy Online Policy Management: It’s nice to be able to take care of auto policy changes without spending time on the phone or paying a visit to your agent in person. Allstate makes this possible with a comprehensive online policy management center, allowing you to make all kinds of policy changes quickly. If you want to adjust your coverage, change your deductibles, add or remove a vehicle from your policy, or add a new driver to your account, it’s a snap. Like many major auto insurers, you can also print proof of insurance and pay your bill online in seconds. If convenient control over your policy is important to you, Allstate auto insurance is a strong option.
  • Strong Learning Materials: If you’re a new driver or just want to learn more about auto insurance, Allstate offers a wide variety of resources in its Tools and Resources section of its website. You may need a minute or two to locate the subject you want to study up on — the page isn’t well-organized — but once you find it, the content excels at explaining policy offerings.
  • Accessible agents: As a leading provider, Allstate has agents that are widely available in all 50 states for those who prefer speaking to an agent in-person when managing their policy or claim. Like most leading insurance companies, its claims department is also open 24/7 which means you’ll be able to ask questions about your claim day or night.
  • Discount Options: Allstate offers standard price breaks for good drivers, good students, and low-mileage drivers. The company is also one of the few players in the industry that offers discounts for actions like paying your bill on time. The starting rates for Allstate are high compared to other providers, but the company offers a diverse range of discounts to save you money.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Allstate auto insurance offers a mobile app for both iPhone and Android that allows you to access policy information and digital ID cards. You’ll also be able to initiate a claim and collect important information after a collision, though the process isn’t as intuitive as we hoped. Overall, customers agree that the mobile app is convenient, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 for iPhone and 4.3 out of 5 for Android.

Allstate vs. The Competition

Allstate vs. Nationwide

If you’re concerned by Allstate’s below-average rankings for customer satisfaction during the shopping process, Nationwide provides comparable coverage and discounts with higher satisfaction for prospective customers. It offers many of the same coverage choices as Allstate, including rental reimbursement and roadside assistance, plus a few additions that Allstate doesn’t: notable supplemental coverage options include vanishing deductibles, which credit your account with a balance that can be used toward deductible payments for every accident-free year, and GAP insurance, which pays for the difference between the value of a damaged car and the amount remaining on its loans. Notably missing from Nationwide’s coverage is rideshare protection, one of Allstate’s standout features, but most drivers will benefit from the insurer’s otherwise robust range of coverage options.

What Others Are Saying

The New York Times reports that Allstate is better than others at saving money for low-mileage drivers.

While driving less is the most obvious way to reduce your risk of being in an accident, not all insurers offer rates that reflect this fact. Research conducted by the Consumer Federation of America finds that many major insurers provide scant reductions in premiums for low-mileage drivers, despite using this metric as a means of evaluating risk. Fortunately, quotes from Allstate for the lowest-mileage drivers “averaged savings of 11 percent... compared with the highest-mileage drivers.” Companies like Farmers and Progressive, meanwhile, “usually quote the same rates to someone who drives just 2,500 miles a year that they do someone who drives 22,500 a year.”

The Bottom Line

Allstate outperforms many competing insurance providers when it comes to offering a straightforward claims process. With above average customer satisfaction for estimates and repairs, the company keeps its promises to uphold the coverage that you pay for. Additional online tools and resources will also help you navigate your policy and the levels of coverage that best match your needs. New customers may still face a few obstacles when trying to purchase a plan — Allstate's call center sales representatives aren’t as helpful, so you'll want to speak with your local agent. And the starting rates for most plans with Allstate are higher compared to other providers with similar coverage options. But once you get past the purchasing process, Allstate offers dependable protection that can potentially save you big money in the event of an accident.

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