• January 12, 2018 - We’ve updated our Liberty Mutual review to take into account the most recent consumer studies and financial strength ratings. Liberty Mutual still offers financial stability to back your claims and helpful online resources for finding the right level of coverage. But it now ranks among the lowest providers when it comes to customer satisfaction during the claims process. Our top picks are currently a better option for new customers, but we’ll be back with an update as more data from the new year comes in.

Our Liberty Mutual Review

Liberty Mutual offers an easy online quote process and some of the most straightforward online resources understanding insurance policies. Guides with simple explanations and tools like a cost calculator allow customers to head into their purchase informed about the coverage options that will best suit their needs. In short, Liberty Mutual lives up to its promise of a quick and painless shopping experience.

However, it’s worth noting that customers who purchased insurance with Liberty Mutual have reported difficulty with filing claims. While Liberty Mutual offers first class service to potential new customers, you may not receive the same level of support as a policyholder after an accident or during repairs — when it matters most. But customers can still expect low rates for a wide range of coverage options which makes Liberty Mutual worth a mention.

The Claim

Liberty Mutual promises its insurance policies will ease your concerns rather than cause them. Specifically, Liberty Mutual claims to provide a fast and simple quote process that helps you find the coverage types and amounts that best fit your needs — including financial protection from both accident and non-accident related incidents.

At the same time, Liberty Mutual advertises multiple car insurance discounts so that your coverage doesn’t break your budget. The ultimate goal? A car insurance policy that gets you the best coverage and service at the lowest price possible.

Is it True?

Yes and no.

According to the J.D. Power 2017 Insurance Shopping Study, Liberty Mutual ranks eighth out of 24 providers when it comes to customer satisfaction during the purchase experience — outperforming industry leaders like State Farm and Progressive. The report indicates that the high ranking is due to solid policy offerings, reasonable pricing, and helpful sales representatives that guide you through the process of buying the right level of coverage.

If you choose to go with their online quote process, an easy to navigate interface and simple forms let you tweak coverage options and costs until you find the perfect plan for your needs. Once you sign up, Liberty Mutual also offers additional tools like a Coverage Compass to help you identify any gaps you may have missed along the way. In other words, Liberty Mutual’s tools guarantee your insurance policy includes the coverage options that will potentially save you a lot of money.

That said, when it comes time to file a claim, Liberty Mutual’s reputation for customer satisfaction takes a heavy hit. In an additional study by J.D. Power, Liberty Mutual ranks twenty-first out of the same 24 providers in terms of overall customer satisfaction with the auto claims process. In particular, the company ranks below average when it comes to the quality of its estimation process and claim servicing. Reviews from the Better Business Bureau site are less kind — 222 out of 235 reviews for the company are negative. While not all the complaints are related to car insurance, those that are complain of difficulty with filing claims. In short, you can build your policy with Liberty Mutual in a snap, but actually using it may be far more difficult than the company lets on.

A Closer Look at Features

Quotes will differ from person to person
In Business Since
Best For
People who want a straightforward quote process, solid policy offerings, and low rates
Not For
People who want more support during the claims process
Standout Features
  • Simple online quote process and helpful resources
  • Diverse range of policy and coverage options
  • Widely available agents in all 50 states
  • 24/7 claims center
  • New to Liberty Mutual discount
  • Safety discount for cars with standard safety features like anti-theft
  • Hybrid vehicle discount
  • Multi-car discount
  • Teen driver discount
  • Good student discount
  • Newly married discount
  • Newly retired discount
JD Power Insurance Shopping Rating
849 out of 1000
(Above Industry Average)
JD Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Rating
841 out of 1000
(Below Industry Average)
A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating
Moody's Rating
Standard and Poor's Rating

Our Deep Dive

  • Solid coverage options: In the unfortunate case where your car is deemed a total loss, Liberty Mutual will protect you financially with its thorough coverage options. Purchasing a car with an auto loan is fairly common practice, but in many cases the value of the car will not cover the entire cost of the auto loan if a major accident occurs. With GAP coverage, Liberty Mutual will cover the remaining amount you owe on a car even if its more than the car is assessed to be worth. Aside from large scale coverage, Liberty Mutual also provides helpful options including rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance for additional peace of mind on the road or while waiting for repairs.
  • Online resources and quote process: Most people probably have a basic understanding of how auto insurance works, but when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of a policy, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Liberty Mutual provides online guides and videos with short and simple explanations of coverage options to make finding the right policy a breeze. As we mentioned earlier, Liberty Mutual's online quote process offers straightforward forms, with additional features including a coverage calculator, an agent locator, and even a specific web page dedicated to teens.
  • Driver discounts: Driver discounts can play an important role in your ability to find an affordable auto insurance premium. Liberty Mutual does offer a variety of driver discounts, but its range of discounts still comes up a bit short when compared to top competitors. If you’re willing to shop around, you may be able to find a set of discounts more applicable to your specific circumstances. However, customers can still expect reasonable rates with Liberty Mutual overall.
  • Reachable agents: With available agents in all 50 states as well as a 24/7 claims department, you’ll be able to reach a Liberty Mutual representative quickly and easily. Whether you have questions about your policy, need an update on your claim and repairs, or simply want more details about coverage options, an agent will be available to address your needs.
  • No mechanical breakdown coverage: Most new cars come with a factory warranty that covers the breakdown of car parts for a certain period of time or miles — usually three years or 36,000 miles. However, after that period you will be responsible for the cost of repairs unless you purchase an extended car warranty or mechanical breakdown insurance. Liberty Mutual doesn’t offer breakdown insurance which means you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want coverage for repairs that aren’t related to collisions or outside sources.

    To be fair, the company is partnered with ForeverCar which will provide a vehicle service plan (an extended warranty), but we missed having the option of bundling breakdown coverage with our insurance policy — having the coverage as part of our regular monthly payments is much easier to keep track of. In addition, the ForeverCar website doesn’t provide as much information regarding their different coverage options which was a contrast to the simple but informative explanations we found on Liberty Mutual’s site. It’s not a huge deal breaker, but we like knowing exactly what we’re signing up for.

The Bottom Line

Liberty Mutual offers a streamlined online quote process that make finding the right policy and level of coverage quick and easy. Additional resources including online guides and videos will walk you through insurance terms and coverage options to help you make informed decisions about your purchase. Out of the many insurance companies we explored, Liberty Mutual did a better job of taking the complication out of the purchasing experience. That said, filing claims with Liberty Mutual may be more complicated than the simple quote process would suggest. Customers have complained of a less supportive claims process which means more effort on your end to ensure you get the thorough coverage you paid for. But overall, Liberty Mutual offers thorough coverage with reasonable rates.

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