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Tubi TV Review

Tubi TV


  • Free streaming service
  • HD video content
  • Features movies and TV shows that Netflix doesn’t have


  • Commercials before and during content
  • Limited content library

How We Reviewed Tubi TV

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Tubi TV Review

Tubi calls itself “the world’s largest ad-supported on-demand video streaming platform.” It has a huge content library packed with more than 20,000 movies and TV shows. As of September 2019, Tubi’s customers had streamed more than 132 million hours of content — a 40% increase from May 2019. And, given that the service dedicated $100 million to improving its streaming library in 2019, the service’s content options are likely to become even better.

Viewers won’t struggle for content to keep them entertained, but Tubi can’t compete with the quality of libraries boasted by its bigger, paid-for competitors. However, it does have older Hollywood hits like “Thelma & Louise” and “The Running Man.” Tubi’s streaming service is ad-supported, which means ads will often play before and during content.

Tubi TV at a Glance

On-demand content library
Average time of ads
Mobile app
20,000 movies and TV shows
30 seconds
Android and iOS

How We Evaluated Tubi TV

The free video streaming market is becoming increasingly crowded. As a wide range of providers continue to offer quality content, subscribers face an increasingly tough task when it comes to choosing the right streaming service. With that in mind, we compared Tubi to four of its fellow key players in the market.

Tubi TV vs. Other Free Video Streaming Services

Pluto TV
Content library
20,000+ movies and TV shows
538 movies and 104 TV shows
4.7 million+ titles
60 million tracks and 240,000 videos
Number of channels
Original content
Highest video quality
6.84 GB/hr.

All information accurate as of 02/07/2020.

Key Tubi TV Features

Wide content selection

Viewers have plenty of things to watch with Tubi’s free service. Hovering over the three horizontal lines at the top of the homepage reveals a large table of categories, including Recommended, Trending Now, Most Popular, New Releases, and Leaving Soon.

Beyond that, Tubi gives viewers the choice of an impressive 34 genres, such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Faith, Home & Garden, and Martial Arts. The platform also has 10 very niche channels such as A&E and Docurama, as well as the less recognizable BabyFirst TV, which aims to aid babies’ development, and Dove Channel, which provides uplifting and enlightening movies.

Tailored collections

Tubi users will also find it easy to discover new content by browsing the service’s tailored content collections. Possibly the smartest of the lot is Not on Netflix, which includes relatively recent movies like “3 Days To Kill,” “Child 44,” and “Code Of Honor.” It also has classic films like Tom Cruise’s science fiction hit “Minority Report,” Robert De Niro in “Ronin,” and Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in “The Running Man.”

Another clever collection is the Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes list, which includes Ricky Gervais seeing dead people in “Ghost Town,” Edward Norton’s engrossing “The Illusionist,” and Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in “Monster.”

Ad-supported content

Tubi is free for viewers because it’s supported by commercials. How often ads appear isn’t set in stone — commercials can run as often as every 15 minutes during movies. But we watched several documentaries between 30 minutes and 90 minutes in length and didn’t see a single ad before or during these programs. Thinking of Tubi as a free alternative to cable makes any potential ads easier to bare.

No commitment, high-quality entertainment

Viewers don’t have to hand over credit card details to get their fix of entertainment with Tubi. This also means there’s no requirement to stick with it. It’s quick and easy to close an account, remove personal details, and delete viewing history from the service.

Tubi also gives users a choice of video quality: 360p / 694 kb, 480p / 1380 kb standard, and 720p / 2589kb; however those options are lower quality than the high-definition plans offered by other paid streaming services.

The service is available on several devices, including Amazon Echo products, Android and iOS devices, desktop browsers, PlayStation 4 consoles, and smart TVs.

The Bottom Line

Tubi has an impressive range of content for a free streaming service. It’s home to plenty of quality entertainment and hidden gems, but the struggle may be finding interesting options in the service’s enormous library of more than 20,000 movies and shows. Luckily, Tubi has a good recommendation engine that helps users find new content based on their viewing history. This makes it a strong contender for the best free streaming service in a busy online video market.

Tubi is a great choice for anyone on the lookout for a catalog of classic movies. Viewers who don’t mind sitting through a few ads or waiting to see the latest releases pretty much can’t go wrong with this competitive free service. It’s also a good option for potential cable cutters who want to give streaming a try without committing to a paid premium service and those interested in supplementing their current content viewing options.

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