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AFC Home Club Home Warranty Review

America’s 1st Choice (AFC) Home Club is a little different from the average home warranty company. Instead of just signing a home warranty contract, you join as a member and enjoy extra perks like free credit monitoring and identity alerts. But the main reason we named AFC Home Club one of the best home warranty companies of 2019 is its unique workmanship guarantee. Most contracts stipulate a recall period of 30 to 90 days for any replacements or repairs, but AFC guarantees them for the life of your contract.

AFC also boasts some of the best custom home warranty plans we’ve seen. The System Plan covers systems only; the Silver Plan covers appliances only; the Gold Plan covers six systems and nine appliances; and the Platinum Plan adds plumbing stoppages, built-in microwaves, and ice makers to the Gold Plan. AFC also offers standalone coverage for sump pumps, septic systems, hot water dispensers, pools and spas, standalone freezers, and tankless water heaters, which can be individually added to any plan.

The Claim

AFC Home Club promises “to always get you a prompt solution to your home’s needs [and] always put your needs first” because they are “the only company who cares about the entire well-being of your family and budget.”

Is it true?

It’s a little overstated, but yes — AFC does go above and beyond most home warranty companies thanks to its “membership” mentality. It has an affordable service fee, very customizable coverage, and the best workmanship guarantee in the industry, not to mention the extra member perks, all of which are aimed at saving money and protecting your home. However, as of July 2019, AFC doesn’t provide home warranties in California, Hawaii, or South Carolina.

Product Overview

Best for

Extended workmanship guarantees and membership perks

Not for

Residents of California, Hawaii, or South Carolina


Price Varies
States served 47
Customer service hours 24/7
Plans offered System Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan (recommended)
Platinum Plan
Standalone add-ons
Workmanship guarantee Life of contract
Standout features Customizable coverage
Guaranteed repairs for life of contract
Membership benefits
Cheap service fee

Longest workmanship guarantee

A workmanship guarantee — also known as a recall period — is the window of time during which a repair is guaranteed by your home warranty company. Most home warranty plans cover parts and labor for somewhere between 30 and 90 days. TotalProtect and Sears Home Warranty extend that period a little further to 180 days, but AFC Home Club tops them all: it guarantees repairs and replacements through the life of your contract (usually one year). For that reason, AFC easily won our pick for “best workmanship guarantee” among the best home warranty companies of 2019.

Great customer service

As a whole, the home warranty industry garners a lot of negative online customer reviews, but frankly, many of those customers may not have understood what they were purchasing when they signed a home warranty contract. “They may have had their expectations set by the wrong person,” Art Chartrand, Executive Director of the National Home Service Contract Association, told us. “Reading the contract and understanding what they're buying is always very important.” Even then, AFC Home Club fares better than most home warranty companies when it comes to user reviews: four out of five stars at Consumer Affairs (based on 700 reviews) and an “Excellent” 9.3 out of 10 at (based on 143 reviews).

Possible Drawbacks

Not available in three states

AFC Home Club doesn’t currently operate in California, Hawaii, or South Carolina. The company does have plans to expand into California and South Carolina soon, but not Hawaii due to a lack of service providers.

The Competition

  AFC Home Club American Home Shield Choice Home Warranty The Home Service Club
BBB Rating B B B- N/A
Service fee $60 $75, $100, or $125 $85 $65 or $95
Workmanship guarantee Life of contract 60 days 90 days parts, 30 days labor 90 days parts, 30 days labor
24/7 support
View plans View plans View plans View plans

AFC Home Club vs. American Home Shield

AFC Home Club and American Home Shield (AHS) both offer some of the most flexible coverage plans in the industry, as well as solid “B” ratings from the Better Business Bureau. American Home Shield’s liability caps are a little more generous than AFC’s, particularly for appliances, but AFC Home Club’s workmanship guarantee is much longer (the life of your contract instead of AHS’s 60 days), and its service fee is much cheaper, $60 compared to $75-$125.

AFC Home Club vs. Choice Home Warranty

Since Choice serves all 50 states, it’s clearly the winner If you live in California, South Carolina, or Hawaii, where AFC Home Club isn’t currently available. Otherwise, Choice doesn’t offer anything to match AFC Home Club’s membership perks, AFC’s workmanship guarantee is four times longer, and its $60 service fee is cheaper than Choice’s $85 fee. Then again, Choice is the second-largest home warranty company in the country (behind only American Home Shield), and larger companies usually mean larger service provider networks and more infrastructure for claims processing — probably why Choice processes claims faster than anyone else.

AFC Home Club vs. The Home Service Club

Both companies have the word “club” in their name, but AFC Home Club is the only one that offers membership benefits in addition to a home warranty plan. AFC’s workmanship guarantee is of course longer than The Home Service Club’s, and we don’t like the fact that as of July 2019, The Home Service Club isn’t yet accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, The Home Service Club does offer fantastic online resources and some of the most generous liability caps in the industry, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

AFC Home Club Home Warranty FAQ

Does AFC Home Club require a home inspection?

No, AFC doesn’t require a home inspection before providing a home warranty contract. However, your warranty won’t cover “any known or unknown pre-existing conditions.”

Does AFC Home Club have a recall period for repairs?

Yes, AFC Home Club has the longest “workmanship guarantee” in the home warranty industry: the life of your membership term (which is usually one year).

The Bottom Line

Since, AFC Home Club offers the best workmanship guarantee in the home warranty industry, you won’t have to worry about faulty repairs. That peace of mind alone is extremely valuable, but combined with a low service fee and unique membership benefits, AFC Home Club is one of the most attractive home warranty options. Just make sure to list everything you’ll want covered, compare AFC’s plans with a few other companies, and compare quotes before making a decision — just like home insurance, it pays to shop around.

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