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Abode Home Security Review

Smart home security with no strings attached ​
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Reviews Report

  • Abode earns a 4.25 out of 5 according to Reviews.com’s home security scoring system 
  • Abode provides customers with a simple DIY installation and no contract requirements.
  • Professional monitoring plans by Abode start at $0.66 a day.

Your home is your most valuable possession, if only because it houses everything that is most important to you. Abode, a home security company founded in 2014, focuses on smart home integration and sensor technology to provide home security that is noninvasive and has a low barrier to entry.

There is no complicated setup, no costly fees, and no long-term contracts. The focus is on customization and flexibility. Abode offers two simple plans: Standard, which starts at $6 per month and Pro, which costs $20 per month and comes with professional monitoring services in the U.S. and most of Canada.

In our Abode home security review, we rated its services based on pricing, equipment, and customer satisfaction, while comparing it to other top home security companies.

Abode Home Security Overview

Reviews.com Score:
J.D. Power: J.D. Power scores are based on surveys for customer satisfaction and product quality.
Contract Requirement:

Abode Home Security is a modern DIY security solution, built with the smart home in mind. Compatibility with major smart home platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit makes it easy to integrate into existing home security setups. A slew of sensor options and cameras makes it easy to create a system ideal for the home, but the lack of a doorbell camera and a touchscreen panel stands out as a missed opportunity. No contracts and affordable monthly monitoring plans make it an appealing option, though you will have to account for the up-front cost of purchasing the equipment.

Abode Home Security is well-liked by its customers, boasting an award-winning monitoring center and an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau.


  • Affordable monthly cost: Abode’s self-monitoring service options cost less than many competitors, starting at $0.20 a day.
  • No contracts: Abode does not require any long-term contracts and has no cancellation fees.
  • Smart home integration: Abode works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant
  • Lots of sensors available: Abode has variety of sensors that can be mixed and matched to fit different home security needs.


  • Up-front equipment costs: Abode requires buying equipment up front, which can get costly
  • No video doorbell: Many security companies include a video doorbell, but Abode does not — and isn’t compatible with Ring
  • No touch screen hub: Abode’s home hub does not include a touchscreen for central access to your security system
  • Cameras aren’t wireless: Abode’s cameras have to be plugged into a wall outlet and don’t have the option for battery powered cameras, making installation a bit more difficult than wireless security systems. However, the rest of its systems are battery-powered.

Abode Home Security Highlights

Plans & Pricing:
Storage & Compatibility:

Abode Home Security offers a variety of packages and plans, as well as the ability to build your own package that best fits your situation. If you stick with the pre-made options, starter kits will cost between $229 and $279. Packages with more sensors are available, priced up to $502.99.

There are two monthly monitoring plans: self-monitoring for about $6 per month or professional monitoring for about $20 per month.

Abode Home Security products were made so that you can install them yourself, saving on the costs associated with professional installation. Do-it-yourself installation can be done with simple tools like a drill or a screwdriver. However, if you feel more comfortable having a professional do it, Abode offers professional installation for an additional fee of $99.

All video camera footage is stored in the Abode Cloud. The Standard plan offers seven days of storage, while the Pro plan will store footage for 30 days. Abode home security systems are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit,  Z-Wave, and ZigBee devices.

Abode Home Security offers a one-year, limited warranty, which covers damage to any of the devices — including cameras and sensors — that you purchase for your home. The warranty covers material defects and malfunctions. It does not cover instances in which devices are misused, abused, or altered. The warranty also cannot be transferred to a new owner.

Abode Home Security vs. The Competition 

ProviderReviews.com ScoreInstallationProfessional Monitoring PriceAvailable Equipment
Abode4.25DIY or professional$0.66/dayIndoor/Outdoor cameras
Door/window sensors
Motion sensors
Smoke alarm
Water leak sensor
Panic button
Key fob/Keypad
Smart home power switch
SimpliSafe4.4DIY or professional$0.50/dayIndoor/Outdoor camera
Doorbell camera
Smart lock
Door/window/motion sensor
Temperature/water sensor
Smoke detector
Panic button
Key fob/Keypad
Cove3.5DIY only$0.50/dayIndoor camera
Door/window/motion sensor
rGlass break detector
Smoke/water sensor
Medical button
Key remote
Touch alarm panel
Vivint2.2Professional$29.99/mo.Indoor/outdoor/doorbell camera
Door/motion sensor
Smart lock
Glass break detector
Smoke/CO detector
Water sensor
Smart thermostat
Touch screen panel

Information accurate as of April 2021

Abode vs. SimpliSafe

Abode Home Security and SimpliSafe occupy similar territory, have a similar price point, and a comparable selection of devices. Abode offers more compatibility for smart home setups and lets you run everything from your phone by default, while SimpliSafe requires a more expensive monthly subscription to unlock similar features. However, SimpliSafe has a longer trial period (60 days to Abode’s 30 days) and cheaper professional installation ($79 to Abode’s $99).

Abode vs. Cove Security

While Abode Home Security focuses on flexibility and affordability, Cove Security puts a premium on monitoring. Cove Security plans all include 24/7 professional monitoring services, which include text updates, notifications, and live and immediate communication with the company’s support center. However, smart home features are locked in a more expensive plan, whereas Abode focuses on smart home integration and has more equipment options. Cove offers a 60 day trial period, while Abode is just 30 days.

Abode vs. Vivint

Vivint is a major name in home security, and it offers more heavy-duty security options including higher-end cameras with night vision and HD streaming capabilities. Vivint also requires professional installation and professional monitoring. By contrast, Abode offers flexibility in plans, devices, and installation services. Vivint also only provides a three-day trial period, whereas Abode provides a full 30 days to try out the system or get your money back.

Abode FAQ 


We evaluated Abode’s home security systems based on equipment cost, monthly costs, contract options, installation and customer satisfaction to determine Reviews.com scores and create our best home security reviews. To compare home security companies with other providers across the board, we calculate each Reviews.com score based on the following:

  • Monthly Price: The lower the cost of a home security company’s monthly contract, the higher the score. Inversely, the higher the cost of the monthly contract, the lower the score in this metric. 
  • Equipment Cost: Affordability is important with home security, so we awarded higher scores to home security companies with lower prices on equipment.
  • Contracts: Reviews.com reviewed the flexibility in contracts of the home security companies. The more flexibility, like having no contracts to bind customers for long periods, the higher the score. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: With J.D. Power’s 2020 Home Security Satisfaction Study, we assigned a score to each company based on the rating it received.
  • Installation: Just like with contracts, we award higher scores to companies that have flexible installation options, like DIY or professional options.

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