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Last updated on Mar 10, 2021

The Best Wireless Home Security Systems

Security and automation, untethered and unleashed ​

How We Found The Best Wireless Home Security Systems

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Wireless home security solutions make it easy to create custom systems, integrate automation, and control your devices from anywhere. While some traditional providers still only offer wired security packages, many companies recognize the value in letting homeowners build the package they want with the sensors, panels, and controllers that best fit their needs and budget.

But as the wireless home security market expands, which providers stand out from the crowd? To find the best wireless security systems, we compared four companies in terms of contract and price, customer service, installation options, and best-in-class features that make them worth considering.

The 4 Best Wireless Home Security Systems

  • SimpliSafe: Best Overall Wireless Home Security
  • Abode: Best for Self-Monitored Security Solutions
  • Vivint: Best for Professional Monitoring Services
  • Ring: Best Wireless Security Camera Options

Compare The Best Wireless Home Security Systems

ProviderReviews.com score Requires a contract?Length of contractUpfront costsProfessional monitoring costsProfessional installation costsSmart Home CompatibilityCameraWarranty
SimpliSafe4.2/5NoN/A$229+$14.00/mo. or $24.99/mo.$79YesYes3 years
Abode3.4/5NoN/A$229+$4/mo. or $20/mo.$99+YesYes1 year
Vivint2.9/5Optional42-60 months$599+$29.99/mo., $39.99/mo., or $44.99/mo.$99.99+YesYes120 days
Ring4.4/5NoN/A$199.99+$10/mo.$99.99+YesYes1 year


Best Overall Wireless Home Security


No contracts, stellar tech, and competitive rates put SimplISafe on top.


Great devices
Strong app
Affordable professional installation


  • Cheaper plan doesn’t include visual verification when alarm goes off
  • No standalone smart home products

Reviews Score: 4.2/5 

SimpliSafe is our favorite overall wireless security company thanks to its excellent devices and a strong mobile app. SimpliSafe offers flexibility with its multiple monitoring options as well as DIY or professional installation. The company also ranks first in customer satisfaction.

Contract & Price

SimpliSafe offerstwo wireless home security plans:

  • Standard – $15/month for 24/7 monitoring and dispatching along with a built-in cellular connection
  • Interactive – $25/month for everything in the Standard plan plus unlimited camera recordings, on-demand video, and automation integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

There are no contracts with SimpliSafe—all plans are month to month and you can cancel at any time. Homeowners also have the option of no-cost DIY monitoring, which is easy to manage with wireless connections and mobile apps, but comes with the drawback of no automated emergency dispatch. SimpliSafe offers a 60-day trial period.

SimpliSafe’s equipment prices start at $229 for The Foundation package.

Customer Service

Homeowners can get in touch with SimpliSafe over the phone or via email for support. SimpliSafe is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an “A+” rating. SimpliSafe also ranked first in customer satisfaction in the 2020 J.D. Power home security study.

Installation Options

SimpliSafe offers DIY installation and professional installation for a flat $79 fee. Use the devices from the wireless base station to the on-demand, video streaming SimpliCam. Interactive plan subscribers can also access system controls through SimpliSafe’s mobile app, which is highly rated by both Android and Apple users, making SimpliSafe the best all-around wireless home security option on our list.

Check out our full SimpliSafe review.


Best for Self-Monitored Security Solutions


Free self-monitoring. Need we say more?


Free self-monitoring, cheap plan upgrades
Vast integrations
Lifetime warranty for professionally monitored systems


  • No smart doorbell
  • Cellular backup not available for basic monitoring plan

Reviews Score: 3.4/5 

Abode is our favorite option for self-monitored security. Abode offers the flexibility of no contracts and customizable equipment kits. You can start with a small kit and add whatever components you need.

Contract & Price

Abode gives customers two plan options:

  • Standard – $6/month for self-monitored systems, includes one-touch alarm/disarm, video storage, and smart home integration
  • Pro – $20/month for access to professional monitoring services, includes free device shipping and discounts

Homeowners can choose month-to-month or 12-month contract options, and Abode offers a 30-day trial period for new systems. Self-monitoring is the company’s strength: The Standard plan offers significant benefits for just $6/month.

Abode’s equipment prices start at $229 for the basic Smart Security Kit.

Customer Service

Abode isn’t accredited by the BBB and has a “C” rating with the organization. If Abode users need help, they can head over to the company’s online knowledge base or get in touch via live chat for more in-depth questions.

Installation Options

Customers can choose $99 professional install or opt for DIY. The iota camera offers two-way audio, motion sensor, and alarm all in one device, but Abode doesn’t offer a smart doorbell.


Best for Professional Monitoring Services


Not cheap, but a powerful system for a household looking to combine great customer experience with big smart home potential.


Flexible contract options
In-house smart home tech
Compatibility and control


Long-term contracts
No DIY monitoring

Reviews Score: 2.9/5 

Vivint is your best bet if you prefer professional monitoring over self-monitoring. The company offers flexible contract options — you can pay for your equipment up front and skip the contract. It’s one of the more expensive wireless options, but it’s a powerful system for a household looking to combine great customer service with smart home potential.

Contract & Price

Vivint providesthree home security packages:

  • Smart Security Monitoring – $29.99/month for 24/7 professional monitoring and mobile alarm access along with entry, smoke, and fire detection
  • Smart Home Monitoring – $39.99/month for the above features, plus smart home integration
  • Smart Home Video Monitoring – $44.99/month for video surveillance to enhance home security

Vivint offers month-to-month options along with 42- and 60-month contracts, but only a three-day trial period for new systems. It’s also worth noting that Vivint is the only wireless system on our list that doesn’t offer DIY monitoring—professional 24/7 monitoring options are what set the company apart.

Vivint’s equipment prices start at $599 for the basic package. You can fully pay for your equipment up front or finance your equipment, but financing requires a contract.

Customer Service

If homeowners need help, they can chat directly with Vivint experts online or search the company’s digital database to find answers to common questions. Vivint isn’t accredited by the BBB and has a “C”- rating. Meanwhile, the company is the second best rated company in J.D. Power’s 2020 Home Security Customer Satisfaction Index for professionally installed systems.

Installation Options

There’s no DIY installation option with Vivint, and customers pay between $99 and $199 for install, depending on system complexity. The longer-term contracts offered by Vivint can help offset the cost of whole-home wireless security systems and monitoring by breaking it up over 42 or 60 months.

Check out our full Vivint review.


Best Wireless Security Camera Options

Ring Security

Ring takes the crown for best security camera, doing double duty as a point of safety and convenience


Complete system, or a single device solution
Affordable devices and plans
Neighbors app


  • Mediocre app
  • Cellular backup and video recording only available with paid professional monitoring

Reviews Score: 4.4/5

Ring offers the best security camera on the market. It’s also one of the most cost-effective security systems. The company pairs all of that with some of the best customer service.

Contract & Price

Ring offers two paid wireless home security plans:

  • Basic – $3/month for snapshot capture, video history for 60 days, and two-way audio
  • Plus – $10/month for professional monitoring and extended warranties on all devices

The company offers a 30-day trial period on new equipment and month-to-month plans with no lock-in. Ring also offers a one-year warranty on devices that malfunction due to defective parts or workmanship. If homeowners don’t want to pay for a plan, they can opt for Ring’s included free offering, which provides motion-activated notifications, real-time video with Live View, and two-way talk, but doesn’t allow for video sharing, saving, or snapshot capture.

Ring’s equipment prices start at $199.99 for the basic Alarm Security Kit without cameras. Cameras are sold separately and start at $59.99 for an indoor device and $99.99 for outdoor cameras.

Customer Service

Ring’s accreditation with the BBB is pending, but the company already has an “A+” rating. The company also got the second highest score for DIY installed systems in J.D. Power’s 2020 Home Security Customer Satisfaction Index. Customers can get in touch via online live chat for help, look up specific product and service pages for more information, or join Ring’s community of users and learn from them. 

Installation Options

Get your Ring system installed professionally for $99 or do it yourself. Technology is where Ring outshines its competitors—from smart doorbells to fully equipped outdoor and indoor security cameras, the company has you covered.

Check out our full Ring review.

Further Reading

How Do Wireless Security Systems Work?

Conventional security systems are wired, meaning they connect to wires that run through your home and back to the system control panel. But wireless systems don’t rely on those cables. Instead, they use radiofrequency technology, just like your wifi and cell phone do. With wireless security, each piece of your system can communicate with the others and with the central hub using the system network. 

Pros & Cons of a Wireless Home Security System


  • Easy to install and remove: Wireless systems are easy to install and uninstall, which saves consumers money because they don’t have to pay for installation. It also makes them ideal for renters, since they can uninstall them with no problem.
  • Highly customizable: There’s so much you can customize with wireless systems. Users can move their components around when they want to. They can also typically customize the pieces in their package and whether they use professional monitoring or self-monitoring.
  • Control your system from your smartphone: With wireless security, homeowners can control their system from anywhere, as long as they have their smartphone. They can arm and disarm the system remotely, and integrate it with other smart home systems.


  • More vulnerable to hacking: Whenever you opt for a wireless solution, you’re opening yourself up to hacking. Do your research to ensure the company you choose takes measures to make their products safe.
  • Reliant on wireless networks: Just like your home wifi or cell reception, wireless systems can be unreliable at times.

Covers limited space: A wireless system can only cover so much square footage. Just like you have to be within a certain distance of a wifi router to connect, your system components must be within a certain distance of the security network to function properly.

How We Chose the Best Wireless Home Security Systems

To choose the best wireless home security systems, we compared providers across standout features, contracts and pricing, customer service, and installation options.


Can you monitor your own security system without a smartphone?

If you opt for a self-monitored home security system, you’ll need access to a smartphone or tablet to do your own monitoring. If your system sends alerts, you’ll need a smartphone to receive them.

What is the best home security system with no monthly fee?

SimpliSafe, Abode, and Ring all offer self-monitoring of your home security system without a monthly fee.

What is the best wireless home security system?

The answer depends on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for best-of-breed wireless cameras, consider Ring. If self-monitoring is your priority, Abode is a great fit.

Are wireless home security systems safe?

Wireless security systems are just as safe as their wired counterparts—so long as you take simple steps, such as password protection, to secure your wireless network.

Is wireless security better than wired?

Both wired and wireless networks offer similar performance and price points, but wireless solutions provide self-monitoring and build-your-own system options.

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