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Last updated on May 14, 2020

The Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

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How We Found the Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

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When you have an exceptional vehicle, you need the right coverage to protect it. Classic car insurance is the best way to keep your classic or antique car safe and sound. 

While regular car insurance has coverage relevant to commuters, classic car insurance policies meet the unique needs of collectible and custom cars. Policies have strict mileage limits, and many offer auto show medical reimbursement and coverage for spare parts you have in your garage for restorations.

The 4 Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

The Best Classic Car Insurance Companies: Summed Up

 SafecoGEICO (via American Modern)State FarmThe Hartford
Best ForRegular Use CoverageDigital ServicesSame Company ServiceAARP Members
AM BestAA++A++A
J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study rating3/53/53/53/5
Coverage of Cars BeforeVariesVariesVaries2010
Agreed Value Coverage

*This coverage means that your insurer will pay the full agreed-upon value of your vehicle in the event of a covered total loss; in other words, you don’t have to worry about depreciation.

Safeco – Best Regular Use Coverage

Regular Use Coverage
Safeco Classic Cars Insurance
Safeco Classic Cars Insurance

Coverage that lets you drive


  • Option for use up to 10,000 miles
  • Custom-built policies available
  • Coverage for multiple classic cars

Safeco allows owners to actually use their classic cars, with the option to build policies to fit your needs. Collectors are also able to cover numerous classic cars.


  • Strict list of qualifying cars
  • No spare parts or restoration coverage

Safeco doesn’t cover vehicles such as antique motorcycles or tractors. Its website also doesn’t list spare parts coverage or restoration coverage as available add-ons to its policies.

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Geico — Best for Digital Service

Best Digital Services
Geico (with American Modern or Assurant)
Geico (with American Modern or Assurant)

Everything you need at your fingertips


  • Helpful mobile app and website
  • No appraisal needed

GEICO is a front-runner in the digital world when it comes to auto insurance. You can access and handle almost everything you need from its mobile app or website. GEICO also allows you to pick your agreed value coverage with no appraisal needed for your classic car.


  • Strict usage regulations
  • Strict classic car specifications

With classic car coverage, GEICO requires customers to keep their classic vehicles in enclosed and locked structures. You can only use them for exhibitions or occasional leisure. In addition, the cars have to be at least 25 years old, unless they’re specifically considered to be appreciating in value.

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State Farm – Best for Same Company Service

Best for Same Company Service
State Farm
State Farm

Straightforward coverage with no partner companies


  • Writes its own policies
  • Spare parts coverage

State Farm, unlike other classic car insurers, covers collectible cars in its own policies, not through a partner company. This means you’ll always deal directly with a State Farm agent. It also offers spare parts coverage for your vehicle.


  • No restoration coverage
  • No extra mileage

The primary drawback to State Farm’s classic car coverage is that it doesn’t offer restoration coverage for your in-progress collectible. It also doesn’t allow for much actual driving, recommending you use your car on a very limited basis.

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The Hartford – Best for AARP Members

Best for AARP Members
The Hartford Classic Car Insurance
The Hartford Classic Car Insurance

Making things easy for AARP members


  • AARP members get affordable rates and discounts
  • Allows for possible regular use

The Hartford and AARP provide members with affordable coverage. Cars that are 10 or more years old and driven regularly may be accepted for classic coverage. In this case, these vehicles must have a higher value than other comparable cars.


  • Not available to all customers
  • Limited online capabilities

Because they are partner companies, The Hartford is only available to AARP members. On top of that, not all coverage is available in all 50 states. When it comes to filing claims, customers can only claim mild accidents online. For everything else, you must work with an agent on the phone.

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Guide to Classic Car Insurance

Agreed value is the amount both you and your insurance provider agree on when you buy a policy. If you experience a loss during your policy, your car is assessed based on the agreed value. To come to this number, you’ll submit a statement of value to your insurer with your car’s replacement cost or actual cash value listed. 

If restoration is your passion, you’ll want restoration coverage to insure your classic car during the restoration process. For reimbursement, you have to provide your insurance company with ample proof of your ongoing work. This includes quality photographs and explanations of your process. Your policy will automatically adjust to reflect the value increase.

Restoration likely means you have back-up parts for your classic car. Spare parts coverage is an add-on that can bolster your main policy. It makes sure the parts outside your classic car are also covered in the case of damage or loss. Some providers also cover tools with this policy add-on. 

How We Chose the Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

To determine the best classic car insurance companies, we started by looking at standard coverage and add-on policies. From there, we compared customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power and financial strength ratings from AM Best to determine which companies offered the best classic car insurance for shoppers.

Classic Car Insurance FAQ

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