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Last updated on Nov 17, 2020

Auto Insurance Company Ratings

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We love car insurance. Or, more accurately: We love helping you find the best car insurance and the best cheap auto insurance companies. And thanks to seven years’ worth of research and reviews, we’re pretty familiar with the industry’s big players. Below, we share our ratings for the top 22 car insurance companies in the U.S. (listed according to our own Reviews.com rating). Combined, these companies insure just under 80% of the nation’s drivers — so odds are you’ll be looking at at least a few of them in your search.

Top 22 Auto Insurance Providers

ProvidersReviews.com Average RatingFinancial Strength Ratings in AM BestNAIC Complaint IndexJ.D. Power Customer Satisfaction ScoreCustomer SupportCoverage OptionsOnline ResourcesAffordability Score (Discounts)Featured on Reviews.com
Amica 5/5A+1.025/55/55/55/55/5$
American Family4.6/5A0.525/55/55/55/55/5$
Country Financial4.4/5A+0.285/55/55/54/53/5n/a
USAA 4.4/5A++n/a5/54/55/55/53/5
State Farm4.4/5A++0.693/55/55/55/54/5
Liberty Mutual 4.4/5A5.53/55/55/54/55/5
Progressive 4.4/5A+0.953/55/55/54/55/5
National General4.4/5A-n/a2/53/55/53/53/5n/a
Automobile Club Group4/5A-n/a3/53/54/55/55/5n/a
MAPFRE Insurance4/5A7.42/54/55/55/54/5n/a
The Hartford3.8/5A+n/a3/54/55/55/52/5n/a
CSAA Insurance Group3.75/5A-1.243/53/54/55/5n/an/a
Erie 3.6/5A+1.253/53/55/54/53/5$

(Data as of 08/21/2020)

★= Included in Reviews.com’s 7 Best Car Insurance companies.

$= Included in Reviews.com’s 7 Best Cheap Auto Insurance companies.

What Do These Ratings Mean?

You’ve probably noticed that financial strength scores are about as discernible as alphabet soup. AM Best uses its rating system to judge the strength of a company’s financial holdings and assets. The short of it is these ratings determine a provider’s ability to pay out claims and fulfill their duty to you, the policyholder. Much like a school grading scale, you want straight As, which means that the provider can handle your claims better.

Another important factor we considered was the complaint ratio of each company, as tracked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This score gives insight into actual policyholder sentiments toward their policy provider. The baseline complaint index is set at 1.00, so a company with a complaint ratio of 10.25 like Travelers, for example, has received ten times the national market average of complaints annually.

Our Car Insurance Rating System

Our rating system incorporates scores of official agencies like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, as well as consumer-based survey groups like J.D. Power. We’ve also evaluated financial stability and reliability and added it to the equation. We’ve collated the data from these sources to create our own overall Reviews.com score. To generate that score, we’ve created an average score from factors such as customer support, coverage options, online resources and affordability. We’ve shared the numbers to show you the various ways we analyze the major players in the insurance industry.

Financial strength rating

An insurer’s financial strength rating (FSR) indicates the stability and reliability of its financials. Companies with an excellent FSR (A and above) have solid backing and can be counted on to pay claims of any size. Plus, they’re considered extremely credit-worthy, meaning that if the economy takes a downturn or a large-scale disaster causes many insurance claims at once, these companies are least likely to go under. We used the score from one of the largest financial rating agencies, AM Best, which focuses exclusively on insurance.

NAIC Ratings

The complaint ratios come from the latest ratings and reports released by the NAIC, giving you the most up-to-date information. In case we couldn’t get a hold of the most current number, you’ll find an “n/a” on the list. Companies with a lower complaint ratio mean you’ll be less likely to deal with poor customer service and needless hassles. Essentially, they give more than just cursory insight into the brands you’re entrusting your car with, so you can make a more informed decision for your situation.

Customer satisfaction ratings

There’s no real way to test an insurer’s coverage or claims process before buying — to do so would be insurance fraud. But what we can do is learn from other customers’ experiences. Did they find customer service to be responsive and helpful? Were they given the resources they needed to build a strong policy? Were claims paid fairly and on time?

We considered two separate sources: J.D. Power’s regional auto insurance study, which measures satisfaction with customer support, coverage options, price, and billing across various U.S regions; and J.D Power’s claim satisfaction survey, which rates companies on customer’s claims experiences.

Featured on Reviews.com

Companies with a “★” on the table above under the Feature on Reviews.com column are our top picks for best auto insurance companies. The companies that have a “$” in this column are featured in our review of the best cheap auto insurance companies. In both cases, this means they’ve passed rigorous standards for financial strength and policy offerings and have standout coverage or discount options that set them apart. To learn more about what makes each company unique, click the star or the dollar icon.

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