Flo, Dr. Rick and Allstate Man: Ranking the Best Insurance Commercials of 2020

Reviews.com Staff
Reviews.com Staff

When you’re watching your favorite TV show and it goes to commercial, it can be annoying. No one really wants to watch the commercials when they sit down on the couch for an evening of relaxation. Companies have gotten more and more strategic with creating commercials, though, and on the top of that list are insurance agencies. 

Commercials from top insurance agencies are some of the most memorable and identifiable ads on TV right now. Everyone knows who Flo is and everyone knows Jake from State Farm. The people in these commercials have become celebrities in their own right. This year has seen several new offerings on our TVs, but we selected the five we consider the best.

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Progressive Works From Home 

Progressive quickly reacted to the changes the world was going through as a result of COVID-19 and tailored their marketing to match. In a new series of commercials with the infamous Flo and her team, they conducted a bunch of meetings over Zoom, just like many people around the country were as offices shut down. 

What makes this the best insurance commercial so far in 2020 is how well Progressive married their talent with current events in a way that was still light and humorous. It’s a subtle nod to the world around us but really leans in on the annoyance everyone’s experience with having to conduct meetings through Zoom. Whether it’s people talking over each other, people forgetting to mute, or poor Flo having weak WiFi, they are all instances we’re familiar with. All of the commercials in this series deserve the top spot on this list, but this one is our favorite, mostly because of Flo’s serious struggles that we definitely identify with. And, of course, their ever-present brand message that’s extremely identifiable.

Idina Menzel Moonlights for Geico 

Any time a brand gets a huge name, it’s fun to see. It’s especially enjoyable when it’s someone unexpected, and it’s the absolute best when it’s someone like Idina Menzel. The Tony-winning Broadway star, who’s also known for her huge role in the movie Frozen, pops up in the Geico commercial to sing a personalized song for a customer, and she sings it like she’s looking for that next Tony award. 

Geico’s commercials with their gecko are iconic and some of the best commercials on TV, but it’s exciting to change it up sometimes. This commercial added a different bit of flair for the insurance company and gave Menzel a time to shine and also show off her humor. The commercial is simple and short but ropes you in — all thanks to Menzel’s talent. Her jingle in the commercial will easily stick in your head, which means you won’t quickly forget Geico either.

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Allstate Man Grabs a Burger 

Dennis Haysbert, better known as the Allstate Man, is just so chill. He’s such a vibe, which makes all of his commercials enjoyable to watch. The one from this year that sees him going into a burger spot to get food is a favorite for sure, because everyone’s excited reactions to seeing him are exactly how he should be greeted.

When the Allstate Man gets to the counter, he’s greeted by a cashier who calls him “Safe drivers save 40%!” one of Allstate’s catchphrases. Suddenly everyone else in the restaurant wants to get a glimpse of “Safe drivers save 40%!” while the Allstate Man just stands there chill as ever, soaking it all in. The commercial is cute but absolutely drills into your head what it’s all about — safe drivers save 40% with Allstate. You won’t soon forget that message after seeing this commercial.

Dr. Rick Takes Homeowners on an Outing

Progressive’s Dr. Rick is a blessing to young homeowners and to our TVs. The “Parental-Life Coach” is on hand in a series of commercials to assist homeowners who are starting to turn into their parents. This particular commercial from this year features Dr. Rick taking a group of homeowners on an outing to a housewares store. In the commercial, he stops them from doing hilarious things like use speakerphone in public and offering their opinions to people who didn’t ask.

All of Dr. Rick’s advice commercials for young homeowners are useful for anyone who’s worried about prematurely turning into their parents. The muted color palette and dreary music make this entire series hilarious to watch, but this one is just especially funny with the advice Dr. Rick provides and the whole commercial is engaging enough to make young homeowners pay attention to what Progressive offers — lest they turn into their parents.

Jake from State Farm’s Late-Night Calls 

We just don’t get tired of Jake from State Farm taking late-night phone calls with customers. In this commercial from earlier this year, Jake takes a middle-of-the-night call with a man whose wife is none too pleased. But the best part is her taking the phone and asking the person on the other line what they’re wearing — because she’s so sure her husband is getting up to no good! Jake’s reaction of simply saying, “Uh, khakis?” before asking the guy at the next desk if he usually gets asked what he’s wearing is on point, but it’s the other guy who is probably the best part of the commercial.

We wish the other guy had a name, because he nails his agreement with Jake. Maybe his name is something like Kevin or Stewart. Stewart from State Farm has a nice ring to it. In any case, the late-night rendezvous with the State Farm guys are always memorable, and this one is our favorite from the insurance agency this year.

The Bottom Line

There have been a ton of great insurance commercials this year from all the big insurance agencies. Of course Flo, Jake from State Farm, the Allstate Man, and more made our list of favorites, but each of them have even more commercials that have landed on TVs this year. The commercials continue to get funnier and more relatable, and they make us not mind commercial breaks during our favorite TV shows.

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