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Swyfft Homeowners Insurance Review

Swyfft homeowners insurance uses advanced technology to offer fast quotes for its customers ​
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Reviews Report

  • Established in 2014, Swyfft offers home insurance in six states.
  • Swyfft sells home insurance, plus commercial insurance, as well as E&S coverage options.
  • Swyfft policies are underwritten by only companies with an A- (Excellent) or better rating from AM Best for financial strength.

As one of the newer insurers in the industry, Swyfft can be a great choice for homeowners insurance if you live in its service area and prefer a highly digital insurance experience. Products do vary by state, as Swyfft policies are underwritten by other insurers, so it is important to check availability. Swyfft also offers commercial insurance, with options for Excess & Surplus (E&S) coverage in some situations and states. 

Swyfft Home Insurance is one of the newer companies on the market, having been founded in 2014. While the website is somewhat limited in information available, there are a few noteworthy aspects of Swyfft we included in our home insurance review.

For a start, Swyfft’s policies for home insurance are underwritten only by companies with a high AM Best financial strength rating. This means in the event of a widespread or major loss, you can still likely expect your claim payout to be secure.

Swyfft Home Insurance Overview

In business since:
J.D. Power Score: J.D. Power scores are based on surveys for customer satisfaction and product quality.
AM Best Financial Strength Rating: AM Best rates insurance providers creditworthiness. Ratings are based on the provider’s ability to follow through with a payout when a consumer files a claim.
A- (Excellent) or higher
States served:

Because the Swyfft is newer, limited in availability, and underwritten by other companies, it has not received a formal rating by J.D. Power. However, all of Swyfft’s underwriters are labeled at least a strong “A- (Excellent)” by AM Best.


  • Quotes in as little as ten seconds
  • Fully online purchasing process


  • Swyftt policies are issued and serviced by underwriters
  • Limited products and availability
  • Limited information available regarding Swyftt’s partners

Swyfft Highlights

Customer experience
Discounts and add-ons

The pricing of Swyfft’s policy depends mostly on your home. Swyfft uses data and analytical methods to estimate how much a policy costs you in minutes using only your address. The founders of the company estimate they can save homeowners 10% to 20% every year.

Typically, pricing for a homeowner’s insurance policy depends on many factors. Costs also differ based on your individual characteristics, geographic location, the size of your home, and which policy you choose.

You’re covered if your home is damaged and needs repairs or replacement, provided the loss was a covered peril. Swyfft policies offer coverage for any additional structures like a barn, a shed, or a studio on your property, as well as your belongings and items your children have while away at college.

Furthermore, if your home is damaged to the point that you can’t stay there, Swyfft covers your temporary housing and boarding for your pets as needed. This coverage lasts until you can move back into your home or up to the policy limits.

If anyone files a lawsuit against you for bodily injury or property damage originating on your property, Swyfft homeowners insurance policies may cover your legal bills. In the event someone gets hurt on your property, you’re also covered, up to an extent, for medical bills. The same is true if you’re liable for an accident away from your home, as long as it doesn’t involve a car.

Swyfft products are available in:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas

Swyfft homeowners insurance hasn’t been around long so there aren’t many ratings available from major agencies.

Since this is a mostly digital insurance company, your policy management process can be conducted online. That said, the website provides limited information on specific coverage details unless you obtain a quote or activate an account. Given the efficiency of the quote process, homeowners who prefer a highly digitized experience may find Swyfft appealing.

Swyfft doesn’t note any discounts listed on its website. 


We evaluated the company based on its customer rating and experience, financial stability, and coverage. To compare Swyfft with home insurance companies across the board, we calculate each Reviews.com score out of 5 points based on the following:

  • Customer Ratings — Customer ratings are an indication of satisfaction with the claims process. We measure this using J.D. Power Homeowners Satisfaction ratings.
  • Coverage — As there isn’t one company to fit everyone’s needs, we evaluate companies by the amount of coverage options and add-ons available. 
  • Confidence — It is extremely important for insurance companies to fulfill customers’ claims. Companies with sound financial strength ratings indicate a positive history of being able to pay out claims. We use AM Best’s ratings, which specializes in assessing the financial strength of insurance companies.
  • Customer Experience — The amount of complaints a company receives is an indicator of the overall customer experience as it expresses dissatisfaction. We have based this measure on the NAIC National Complaint Index.

The Competition

CompanyReviews.com Score**AM BestJ.D. PowerNAIC
SwyfftN/AA-Not ratedN/A
LemonadeN/ANot ratedNot ratedMore complaints than average
Geico2.75A++Not ratedMore complaints than average
State Farm 3.75A++829/1,0000More complaints than average
Allstate4A+829/1,0000More complaints than average
Progressive3.75A+797/1,0000More complaints than average

All information accurate as of September, 2021.

*J.D. Power 2021 Home Study, based on a 1,000-point scale.

**Some providers don’t have enough third-party ratings to calculate a score.

Swyfft vs. Lemonade

The matchup of Swyfft vs. Lemonade could be named the battle of the newbies. Both Swyfft and Lemonade entered the home insurance market just a few years ago in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Because both companies are so new, there are limited third-party metrics available for comparison.

That being said, Lemonade has a score of 1.85 in the National Complaint Index report, which means the company receives significantly more complaints than the average insurer in the U.S. Because Swyfft policies are underwritten by multiple companies, it does not have a singular NAIC complaint index for comparison purposes at this time.

One area where Lemonade outshines Swyfft is in the service area. Lemonade currently offers homeowners insurance services in 23 states and Washington D.C., where Swyfft is only available in six states.

Swyfft vs. Geico

Swyfft is one of the newest companies to enter the homeowner’s insurance market with less than 10 years in service. Geico, on the other hand, was founded over 80 years ago in 1936. As you might expect, this experience and time in service have a significant effect on the robustness of the offerings from both companies.

Currently, Swyfft is only available in six states for homeowners insurance, whereas Geico services all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Additionally, Swyfft is limited to homeowners’ insurance and commercial insurance in four states. Geico, on the other hand, offers a full suite of insurance products for all types of vehicles, property, business, and life insurance. You can also get extras like pet insurance, travel insurance, and identity theft protection through Geico. It’s worth noting, though, that many of Geico’s policies are issued through a network of partners, not by the company itself.

While Swyfft may grow into a viable player in the market, it’s hard to compete with the options, flexibility, and experience that Geico brings to the table.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Swyfft homeowner’s insurance is new to the market but is making waves in the insurance industry. Its patented technology turns a quoting process that might take another insurance company two weeks into one that only takes a few minutes.

For customers with credit blemishes, Swyfft offers another avenue for receiving a home insurance policy because it only uses a person’s home address to come up with a quote. Because it’s still a young and growing company, there are some unknowns that some consumers may find pose a risk.

Swyfft Home Insurance FAQ

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