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Last updated on Dec 02, 2020

The Best Internet Service Providers in Indianapolis

How We Found the Best Internet Providers in Indianapolis

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3 connection types

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The Best Indianapolis Internet Providers

Indianapolis residents have several options when it comes to internet service. The FCC found that most Indy homeowners and renters can choose from at least three different internet providers, regardless of the area. The top three internet providers in Indianapolis we determined are AT&T, Spectrum, and Xfinity. They each have different terms and conditions, prices, and contract lengths.

If you’re new to the area, having to choose from the internet options available may be overwhelming. We’re breaking it down for you to save you time. Read on for our review to see how the best Indianapolis internet providers compare.

The 3 Best Internet Providers in Indianapolis

The Best Indianapolis Internet Providers: Summed Up

Defining trait
Fastest Speeds
Best for No Commitments
Best Home Bundles
Connection type
DSL & Fiber
Broadband Cable
Broadband Cable
Download speeds (Mbps)
100 Mbps
300 Mbps
1000 Mbps
200 Mbps
25 Mbps
100 – 200 Mbps
300 Mbps
600 Mbps
1000 Mbps
Prices starting at
$40 per month
$49.99 per month
$20 per month
Contract length
12 months for internet, 24 months for the TV portion of the bundle
12 months
Data cap
1 TB or unlimited for 1000 Mbps plan
1 TB

All information accurate as of 02/24/2020.

AT&T – Fastest Speeds

Best Fastest Speeds

AT&T Internet

If you and your family stream music, movies, or like to play online games, fast speeds are essential. AT&T has the highest-speed internet service in Indianapolis, so everyone at home can access the internet without lag time.

  • Price: Internet prices start at $40 per month for 100 or 300 Mbps download speeds, depending on your area. Or you can opt for 1000 Mbps fiber internet for $60 per month.
  • Speed and Data: Depending on where in Indianapolis you’re based, you may have access to DSL or Fiber. Fiber is the fastest, with speeds up to 1000 Mbps, although the DSL 100 to 300 Mbps should be fast enough for most users.
  • Plans/Packages: AT&T offers 18 internet and TV bundles starting at $79.99 per month, based on the internet speed of your choice — 100, 300 or 1000 Mbps.
  • Contract Options: AT&T internet in Indianapolis requires signing a 12-month service agreement for service. The TV portion of the bundle requires a longer, two-year agreement.

Spectrum – Best for No Commitments

Best for No Commitments
Spectrum Internet

Charter Spectrum

If you’re not sure how long you plan on staying in Indianapolis, you’ll need an internet provider offering no contracts. Spectrum is the best choice for Indy residents who prefer no long-term commitments.

  • Price: Spectrum offers 200 Mbps speeds for $49.99 per month to Indianapolis residents. You’ll also receive access to all Spectrum hotspots nationwide so you can connect your devices to your Spectrum internet service while you’re traveling.
  • Speed and Data: Spectrum’s broadband cable service provides Indianapolis internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps.
  • Plans/Packages: You can bundle your internet plan by adding Spectrum TV, a subscription service. Spectrum TV can be used outside of your home by way of the Spectrum TV app.
  • Contract Options: Spectrum doesn’t lock customers into a contract. Your internet prices are guaranteed for 12 months, but you may cancel at any time.

Xfinity – Best Home Bundles

Best Home Bundles


Xfinity by Comcast is the Indianapolis internet service provider accessible to most residents. The company’s xFi expands your home WiFi network so all devices can access the network without compromising speed. This provider also has the largest number of speeds available, so you can select the best plan without paying for more than you need.

  • Price: Xfinity internet prices start at $20 per month for 25 Mbps. Depending on your area, you may have up to five internet service options, based on speed. Prices vary though so be sure to enter your address for an accurate quote.
  • Speed and Data: With Xfinity, Indianapolis residents will have their choice of five speed plans: 25 Mbps, 100 – 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. Except for the highest-tier plan, all Xfinity plans limit data at 1 TB.
  • Plans/Packages: You’ll have access to Xfinity bundles with your choice of high-speed Internet, voice and cable TV. A bundle including internet and cable TV ranges in price between $30 and $60 per month.
  • Contract Options: Xfinity internet and bundles come with a minimum 12-month contract.

How We Found the Best Internet Providers in Indianapolis

We analyzed internet providers in Indianapolis to bring you the best. Some of the essential features we considered were:

  • Coverage: The top internet providers selected have widespread service throughout Indianapolis. It’s usually best to sign up with a larger provider if you foresee having to move in the next year or two, so you can transfer your service and avoid cancellation penalties.
  • Value. There’s more to value than pricing. We looked for the best Indianapolis internet providers offering you the most bang for your buck. Besides pricing, some of the features we looked at were speed, contract lengths, equipment and data caps.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Satisfaction ratings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and J.D. Power play an important part in our review. Most internet service providers earned mediocre customer satisfaction ratings, so we looked at industry averages to get a better picture of which internet providers handled and solved customer service issues best.

Indianapolis Internet FAQ

How Fast is Internet Service in Indianapolis?

Depending on the Indianapolis, IN neighborhood you live in, you may have access to internet speeds as fast as 1000 Mbps.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?

According to Xfinity, 25 Mbps is enough for one to two devices, 100 to 200 Mbps is enough for eight devices at a time, 300 Mbps for up to 11 devices, 600 Mbps for 12 or more devices and 1000 Mbps for unlimited devices, all without affecting speeds. Besides speed, you should also be mindful of how much data you will be downloading or streaming. Many plans cap the amount of data you can use.

What is a Data Cap?

The larger the movie or music files you stream, or the more photos or videos you may upload or download, the more data is required. Many internet providers will limit your monthly data by slowing down your speeds, turning off your web surfing ability for the month, or charging you additional usage fees. It’s important to know how your internet provider approaches data caps to save yourself from the surprise of a high internet bill due to data overage charges.

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