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Last updated on Apr 09, 2020

The Best Internet Providers in LA

The top 4 internet providers in the Los Angeles area ​
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The Best Internet Providers in LA

Los Angeles is a massive, sprawling metropolis. Therefore, when you’re looking for internet service in the LA area, choosing from among the 20-plus providers can be just as confusing as driving from the LAX.

Competition among internet service providers in LA varies, and depending on where you are living, certain providers might or might not be available. While there are dozens of competing internet service providers in LA, several float to the top in terms of overall connection and download speeds, starting price, contract length, and other features.

The Best Internet Providers In LA:

  • Xfinity – Widest Range of Speed Plans
  • AT&T – Top Rated Bundled Services
  • Frontier – Cheap Entry Options
  • Spectrum – Best for Business Plans
Connection type
DSL & Fiber-optic
Cable & Fiber-optic
Download speeds
15 – 2000 mbps
5 – 1000 mbps
75 – 1000 mbps
60 – 1000 mbps
Starting price
Contract length:
1 year
1 year
None -or- 2 years
1 year
Data cap
1 TB
1 TB
J.D. Power Customer satisfaction score
4.0 / 5
5.0 / 5
2.0 / 5
3.0 / 5

Xfinity – Widest Range of Speed Plans

Widest Range of Speed Plans

Comcast Xfinity

Looking for flexibility with your data usage? Xfinity is ideal for anyone who wants precision with their overall internet use, whether that’s individual users, groups of friends living in the same apartment, or entire family homes. Xfinity offers a wide variety of package options based on internet speed, ranging from 15 mbps to a whopping 2000 mbps with their Gigabit Pro package. That range means Xfinity offers you the best bet of finding the right speed internet in LA.

For example, the Performance Starter plan is an efficient starter package for people with only one or two devices in their home, while users who have device-filled homes will be better off with the Performance Pro or Blast! Pro packages. You can find a listing of Xfinity current speed and pricing options here. You do have the option of bundling LA internet service with your cable subscription, home security, and home phone but our next pick offers even greater bundling options.

AT&T – Top-Rated Bundled Services

Top Rated Bundle Services

AT&T Internet

Want cell phone, cable, or other bonuses to your internet subscription? AT&T Wireless offers a number of cable packages, including DIRECTV which starts at $89.99 per month for 12 months (plus taxes). AT&T offers a number of different packages to suit any variety of individuals you are shopping for, whether you are looking for television, internet service, or any other variety of cell phone options for different family members. Depending on which bundle and subscription you choose, those savings can add up to $240 a year.

While competitors may offer bundles at a lower cost, AT&T has consistently been one of the top-rated internet providers, earning 5/5 in overall satisfaction from J.D. Power. AT&T also offers a 1 TB data cap as well, which can generate enough data to host all the appliances under your plan, especially if you are setting up services for a family network. To build your own “bundle”, visit AT&T’s website here.

Frontier – Cheap Entry Options

Cheap Entry Options

Frontier Communications

Looking to save some extra cash? Frontier boasts some of the cheapest start prices for LA internet. Prices start as low as $27.99 a month* for up to 24 months with its starter services, although download speeds max out at about 6 Mbps — only enough for basic browsing and email. As an additional perk, Frontier offers a $100 Visa Gift Card as a promotional bonus to your service plan.

While Frontier does offer high speed internet plans in LA, they are typically more expensive than similar plans from other providers.

*Prices based on a sample quote for a ZIP code in LA, 90002

Spectrum – Best for Business Plans

Business Plans

Charter Spectrum

If you’re a small business owner looking for internet service for your whole company, then consider Spectrum’s unique business plan. The perks of Spectrum Business include bonus email accounts for all employees, your own web hosting and domain services, and more. Spectrum offers coverage to most of LA with download speeds up to 300mbps.

How We Found the Best Internet Providers in LA

While researching LA internet for this article, we looked at several key features when defining our list of best Internet service providers:

  • Coverage – What makes a good Internet service provider? The most important contributing factor is the range of coverage, which was the first characteristic we investigated during our search.
  • Value – Specific pricing, monthly contracts, speed ranges; the best providers will have combinations of any or all of these. When considering the over value to the customer, all of these elements were taken into account.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Are you more likely to praise your current Internet provider, or complain? We used customer satisfaction reports from J.D. Power to guarantee the accuracy of each company’s reputation among their customer base. These scores correlate with metrics like billing, customer to provider communication, and reliability of service. Although most LA internet companies don’t score especially high as a whole, we looked for the providers that outperformed the rest of their competition.

Get more information about the search on our methodology page How We Found the Best Internet Providers in LA.

Los Angeles Internet FAQ

What are the average starting prices of internet providers in Los Angeles?

Most low-end packages in the LA area range from $30-45 a month for your first year or so. Be sure to read the fine print on the provider you choose though, as several plans require a 1-2 year subscription and you’ll likely see those prices rise after that introductory period.

Looking for something unique?

As of 2020, Google Fiber internet in LA is available to just under 17,000 residents and will likely continue to expand to other parts of the city in the near future. With speeds reaching 1 Gb per second, Google Fiber is one of the fastest internet options on the market today.

What should I look for when choosing an online service provider?

Need help on specifics? Feel free to use our guide here!

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