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Two is better than one — at least that might be the case when bundling your Internet service with a TV cable provider. Bundling Internet and TV services can save you money on monthly bills and installation costs and even provide additional service features.

How to Save on Installation Fees

Generally, when you set up Internet or TV service, the service provider charges a setup and installation fee. It’s usually a one-time fee to start your service, then you’re responsible for paying a monthly service fee.

Two ways allow you to save money on installation and setup costs:

  • Self-installation: One way to save on installation costs is to install the Internet or TV service on your own without the help of the service provider or one of its technicians. This approach may or may not be an option, depending on the service provider you choose. Service providers such as Xfinity, CenturyLink, and Spectrum waive installation fees if you opt to go the self-installation route. Comcast also waives installation fees and sells a self-installation kit for $15.
  • Bundle: The second way to save money on installation fees is to bundle your services, meaning you purchase Internet and TV services at the same time by the same service provider. Service providers such as Spectrum, AT&T, Frontier, and Cox waive installation fees if you choose a bundle rather than Internet-only or TV-only service installation.

Installation/Setup Fees

We evaluated some of the best TV providers and best Internet providers and some of the cheapest TV providers and cheapest Internet providers to determine their installation fees and how much you can save by bundling your Internet and TV services.

ProviderInstallation/Setup FeesBundle Savings
AT&T$99$99 on installation and $25/mo. on service
Verizon$99.99$99.99 on installation and approx. $20/month on service
Comcast$60Approx. $55 per month on service

Is Bundling Worth It?

Bundling Internet and TV services comes with pros and cons. Bundling can save you from paying upfront fees, such as installation and setup fees, and save you money on monthly bills. Plus, some companies offer additional features and services when you opt for a service bundle. A price guarantee or lock-in for two to three years is a potential benefit. For example, Verizon offers a price guarantee for two years with some of their bundles.

Bundling Internet and TV is often referred to as a double play, but some providers offer a triple play, allowing you to combine three services, such as Internet, TV, and phone, and enjoy even more savings. Custom channels are another benefit of bundling services, enabling you to pick and choose which channels you want based on your household’s preferences. Therefore, if you intend to subscribe to more than one service, then bundling is usually beneficial for the savings and additional features it offers.

If you won’t use multiple services, then bundling may not be ideal. Instead, you can simply pick the best Internet or TV provider in your area.

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