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Though GEICO car insurance lacks some vehicle coverage options and misses several common discounts, it's a very popular auto insurance company that generally offers some of the lowest quotes around. With great informational resources and powerful online account management tools, GEICO makes an especially great choice for hands-on consumers.

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The Good

Solid policy coverage and benefits

GEICO stands out for its great selection of policy coverage choices, including all standard types of coverage and a number of great add-on options. Standard policy choices include bodily injury and property damage liability coverage and protection against property damage from uninsured motorists. You can also choose emergency roadside assistance coverage to get immediate help if you need a tow or if you’re locked out of your car. Select rental-reimbursement coverage if you want free access to a rental car whenever your own vehicle is in for repairs after an accident. GEICO auto insurance even offers windshield and glass coverage, allowing you to get a quick repair whenever you get a chip or a crack in a car window. Whether you’re after a full-coverage policy or just the basics, GEICO has you covered.

Extensive learning materials

If you believe knowledge is power, GEICO car insurance has just what you’re after. The GEICO Information Center puts all kinds of great auto insurance information all in one place, including insurance policy guides, a detailed glossary, some really thorough FAQs, and so much more. With solid information on available discounts and a calculator feature to help you find just the right level of coverage to meet your needs, you’re going to be very well-informed when it comes time to buy a policy. You can even access some great car-buying resources, including advice on choosing and financing a car and help finding vehicle safety and crash test ratings. Whether you’re a first-time insurance buyer or a long-time driver, you’re sure to appreciate GEICO’s dedication to customer education.

Exceptional policy management

GEICO car insurance also does a great job with its online policy-management tools, ranking among the best in the industry for providing a simple yet powerful account dashboard with full access to most policy settings. Log in to the GEICO account manager to review your policy, pay your bill, print proof of insurance, and add or remove drivers. You can even add or remove a car from your policy, change your coverage options, or adjust your deductibles instantly and without any telephone calls or visits to your agent. If easy account access and personal control over your policy details is important to you, GEICO auto insurance is sure to be a great fit.

Cheap quote prices in most areas

If you get a GEICO car insurance quote, it will likely be one of the cheapest auto insurance quotes around. Car insurance quotes ultimately depend on a number of factors, but in some areas tested, GEICO auto insurance quotes were up to $300 cheaper than competitors. With the potential for finding the best auto insurance quotes in the industry, GEICO is always a good starting point. Not to mention, it has a very fluid online quote process so you can quickly get your price.

The Bad

Not the best vehicle coverage

GEICO car insurance offers a great selection of policy coverage options, but it falls just a little short of the competition when it comes to vehicle coverage. Although you can find all the basic vehicle coverage choices, including collision and comprehensive coverage, you don’t have the option to select interior vehicle coverage for protection against break-ins and theft. New car owners will be disappointed to learn that new car replacement coverage and GAP insurance are also unavailable. New car replacement coverage provides you with a brand-new car if your vehicle is totaled in the first year of ownership, while GAP insurance makes sure that your car loan is paid in full, even if your loan balance is greater than the market value of the car. However, GEICO is still one of very few major insurance companies to offer mechanical breakdown insurance, which helps pay for engine repairs and part replacements that aren’t covered under your car warranty.

Limited mobile functionality

GEICO car insurance falls just a bit short on mobile access, which is surprising in light of how strong GEICO’s online account management tools are. The GEICO app fails to offer the same power and flexibility to edit your policy at all. That said, the app is great for viewing your policy documents, coverage details, and open claims. You can pay your bill, which is nice, and you can also get a quote for a new policy or a new vehicle on your existing policy.

Missing some discounts

Even though GEICO is known as a discount insurer and performs pretty well on that count, it fails to deliver on several discounts relatively common throughout the industry. For example, the company offers no price breaks to low-mileage drivers, which is a pretty standard option. If you like getting ahead on your bills, the lack of a prepayment discount may also disappoint you. Though you can get discounts for insuring multiple vehicles and for purchasing other types of GEICO insurance, you won’t get a loyalty discount, even if you stick with the company for years. GEICO car insurance could also improve on its discounting reputation by offering an easy discount-analysis tool to help you make sure that your policy always includes all available discounts.

The Details

Financial Strength

  • A.M. Best FSR Rating: A++
  • A.M. Best ICR Rating: aaa
  • Moody's Rating: Aa3
  • Standard & Poor's Rating: AA+

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