Last updated on Feb 17, 2021

ADT Security vs. Frontpoint Security

When it comes to home security, ADT and Frontpoint Security are two heavy hitters that have built up their names and reputations throughout the years. As you dissect Frontpoint Security vs. ADT security, it becomes clear that while ADT rests on its popularity and longevity in the market, Frontpoint Security might have the upper hand with its costing model.

While each of these companies has its own value proposition, you should consider pricing, service delivery, reputation, ease of installation and overall performance in effective monitoring in your final decision making.


Its longstanding business model and solid reputation in the market make ADT security packages tough to beat. 


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • 100% compatible with smart home automation
  • Packages available for renters


  • Customer service varies.
  • Some packages require professional installation.
  • Some packages lock clients into long-term contracts.




Frontpoint Security offers a modern solution to modern security problems that extend beyond home intrusions.


  • Equipment is tested to prevent spying and hacking.
  • Customers can opt to build their own security package.
  • Easy monthly payments.


  • Packages are pricey.
  • You have to sign up to a monthly plan to use the mobile app and access certain special features.
  • The equipment warranty is only for three years.
 Monitoring OptionsMonitoring Prices starting atInstallation Options
ADTProfessional monitoring$36.99Professional 
FrontPointProfessional monitoring$44.99DIY

Data as of 7/15/2020



The Secure Plan offers a basic approach to home security and includes essentials such as 24/7 alarm monitoring, security monitoring equipment and professional installation. It also includes monitored fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection. 

With the Smart Plan, homeowners can expect everything in the Secure Plan, plus a few extras like remote arm and disarm, and smart home controls. It also includes customizable alerts, schedules and automation.

The Complete Plan contains everything in the Smart Plan plus security cameras and live stream from smart devices. It also provides an option to record and save video clips.


The Safe Home Starter provides the bare minimum if you’re simply looking to secure your home. This includes two door or window sensors, a Frontpoint hub and keypad, a motion sensor, a yard sign, a set of three window decals and door stickers.

The Build Your Own plan includes a basic kit that includes a yard sign, a set of three window decals and a door sticker. You then build on this package to have your ideal configuration of security monitoring equipment.

With the Safe Home Everyday package, you get a nine-piece system that includes everything in the Safe Home Starter kit plus an extra motion sensor and an extra door or window sensor.

Safe Home Select is a slightly larger package that contains everything in the Safe Home Everyday option, along with an additional door or window sensor, a glass break sensor and a smoke and heat sensor.

The Safe Home Preferred option includes everything in the Safe Home Select package, plus an extra door or window sensor and an indoor camera.

Who is it best for


  • Secure Plan is a great option for those who are just starting out and need a basic security plan.
  • Smart Plan is best for those who would like to include automation and remote arming and disarming.
  • Complete Plan is suitable for those who need to access live streaming of their camera footage to their mobile device.


  • Safe Home Starter offers a good starting block for small homes or those with basic security needs.
  • Build Your Own provides a base for those with unique security needs that aren’t necessarily met by typical security packages.
  • Safe Home Everyday is for slightly larger properties that may have more than two points of entry.
  • Safe Home Select is suitable for those who wish to take their security up a notch for total peace of mind.
  • Safe Home Preferred offers a great solution for those who may have a vulnerable spot in their home that needs additional monitoring.

Contract and Pricing 


ADT home security requests that clients sign a 36-month contract, except for those in California, where the term is 24 months. Pro monitoring starts at $36.99 per month and can run up to $57.99. Equipment costs start from around $599 up to $1,069 and can be purchased once-off or financed over a period of 60 months. Clients don’t need to sign up for a contract to purchase the security products, however, the contract is required for monitoring.


Frontpoint home security offers customers an upfront purchase option for hardware, which can be financed over a maximum period of 60 months — packages start from $99 up to $479.90. However, users will need to sign up for one of two monitoring packages. The Interactive Plan is $44.99 per month and the Ultimate Plan $49.99. Frontpoint offers no-contract options for greater flexibility.

Customer Service


ADT was accredited with BBB in 2013 and enjoys an A+ rating. The average customer review score is one star, and customers cite customer service and contracting as major causes for poor reviews. Customers also seem to have a hard time canceling their contracts when the term expiration draws near, resulting in automatic renewals. Reviews with higher scores tend to be for fast and efficient installations and repairs.


Frontpoint enjoys an A+ rating with BBB and was accredited in 2009. Its customer rating is just below two out of five stars. Those who’ve had negative experiences mention difficulty canceling their contract and having to pay extra fees. Those who are happy with the service cite the speedy delivery and setup of the system, as well as the ability to fully customize their package. 

Ease of Installation


ADT doesn’t offer a simple, home-install option and instead has technicians that do installations professionally. Part of the installation is a quick demonstration of how the equipment works. ADT arranges installations promptly to ensure customers are onboarded as soon as possible. The ADT Pulse app allows users to access their home network easily through their tablet or smartphone to ensure their system is up and running. Depending on the security package, users may also arm or disarm their system remotely, or access a live video stream.


Frontpoint is the security solution for the DIY enthusiast, as it only has self-install options available. The time it takes to install the system will depend on the package, as the Safe Home Starter pack only has seven components to install, compared to the Safe Home Preferred option which includes 14 components. Before users start any of the installations, they’ll need to download the Frontpoint app on their mobile device. The Setup Wizard will take users through each of the steps, from the ideal placement of the components to connecting the devices to the home network. This system is simple to integrate into a smart home setup.

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Is Frontpoint better than ADT, and vice versa? 

If you want a DIY option with simplified monitoring options, Frontpoint might seem like the better option. However, if you prefer to deal with a company that has been around for over a century and has an extensive network reach, ADT might be best. If it’s Frontpoint vs. ADT, it will come down to flexible contract terms vs. long-standing market presence.

Is Frontpoint a good security system?

Frontpoint offers compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for simple smart-home integration (however, it doesn’t integrate with IFTTT). You will also enjoy good equipment that doesn’t compromise your home network.

Is ADT a good security system?

ADT is known for quick responses to faults and system errors. It also sources security hardware from approved suppliers. If you’re happy to contend with a 24- or 36-month contract, this is a good system for you.

How much do Frontpoint and ADT cost per month?

Frontpoint offers monthly monitoring through the $44.99 for the Interactive Plan and $49.99 for the Ultimate Plan. ADT’s services start from $36.99 and go up to $57.99 per month.