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Last updated on Nov 21, 2019

The Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta

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How We Found the Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta

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4 key points of protection

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4 top picks

The Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta

Atlanta has become increasingly safe in recent years, but several thousand homes are still burglarized annually. Odds are, Atlantans will benefit from installing some form of home security — whether that’s a simple system of motion sensors controlled by a panel, or something more elaborate, involving cameras and lights, that will increase your home automation’s convenience alongside its safety.

To help you guard against Atlanta’s property crime, we surfaced the four best home security companies in the city. All offer professional monitoring, and each provides a variety of services so that you can create a package that’s right for you, whether that involves flood sensors or video cameras.

The Best Security Systems in Atlanta

    Vivint Frontpoint ADT SimpliSafe
    Cameras Indoor Outdoor Doorbell Indoor Outdoor Doorbell Indoor Outdoor Doorbell Indoor Doorbell
    Sensors Intrusion Smoke/ CO2 Flood Panic button Intrusion Smoke/ CO2 Flood Panic button Intrusion Smoke/ CO2 Flood Panic button Freeze Smoke/ CO2 Flood Panic button
    Control panel Touch screen Mobile app Touch screen Mobile app Touch screen Mobile app Keypad Base station Mobile app Keypad
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    Why Trust This Review?

    Reviews.com focuses on the services that make your life better. We know that few services stand to impact your quality of life more than home security. A great security system provides peace of mind day and night, whether you’re home or away.

    We closely follow the developing home technologies space, surfacing standout new competitors and analyzing larger trends in tech design and ethics. To find the best home security providers, we leverage industry experts, market data, and user generated reviews — then test the functionality of the stand-out options ourselves.

    Learn how we chose the best Home Security Systems in Atlanta

    Vivint – Best for Home Automation

    Best for Home Automation


    Vivint is a tech leader in the home security space, so it stands to reason that its sophisticated devices would be smoothly controllable via app. Extend your home security to include automation without having to jump back and forth between controlling apps. Vivint is a great choice for anyone interested in having not just a secure home, but a smart home. But you’ll have to be willing to make a commitment, either in time or money. If you can’t shoulder the potentially steep upfront costs of buying the whole equipment kit, you’ll have to sign up for a contract. At 42 to 60 months, Vivint contracts eclipse the 36-month industry standard.

    It’s worth noting that while Vivint currently holds 4/5 Power Circles for 2018 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction, the security company just had to settle a $1.4 million lawsuit with the state of California in February 2019 for deceptive sales practices.

    Vivint – Best for Home Automation

    Frontpoint – Best Customer Support

    Best Customer Support


    Frontpoint makes it easy to DIY. The simple installation process comes with personalized step-by-step instructions via a link in your set-up box. But if you need some human help during the process, or at any point while you shop, select, and use your system, just get on the phone. Frontpoint’s customer experience is a pronounced step up from that of most other home security companies. A nice safety net for a system that lets the user take the reigns. The one drawback to Frontpoint is the app, a pale shadow of more robust home security apps like Vivint’s.

    Frontpoint – Best Customer Support

    ADT – Most Popular Provider

    Most Popular Provider


    It’s no stretch to say that ADT is the most established and respected player in the home security market. Ex-burglars have repeatedly affirmed the deterring force of a the best home security providers posted in the front lawn. When most of us call such a sign to mind, it’s the tried-and-true, blue ADT shield. Name recognition (and the century-long track record that backs it up) is one reason to go with ADT. Minutely customizable products kits and access to home automation are two more. While ADT boasts so many strengths, customer service isn’t one of them — it can’t claim the stand-out service of Frontpoint.

    ADT – Most Popular Provider

    SimpliSafe – Most Flexible

    Most Flexible


    SimpliSafe is a relatively new home security company, but it has already established its credentials as a smart home kit that solves inherited issues with the home security model — things like restricting contracts, steep monthly fees, and tricky setup. SimpliSafe does away with contracts, and plans start at an incredibly low $15 per month — compare that to the industry standard of $40 per month. While SimpliSafe is, indeed, a simple home security solution, it has a ways to go before being a simple home automation solution, too. While it’s compatible with Amazon and Google home devices, it isn’t yet friendly with Z-Wave, Zigbee, or IFTTT.

    SimpliSafe – Most Flexible

    How We Chose the Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta

    To find the best the best home security providers, we compared eight of the nationally top-rated companies: ADT – Most Popular Provider, Vivint – Best for Home Automation, Frontpoint – Best Customer Support, GetSafe, SimpliSafe – Most Flexible, Link Interactive, Protect America, and LiveWatch. To make it into our contenders list, the security systems had to include the following points of protection:

    We compiled data on the devices, services, contracts, and warranties in order to compare the lot. But we also wanted to compare the systems themselves — what installation is like, how the devices operate on the day-to-day, how well the system communicates and how it fits in with a larger Z-Wave, Zigbee setup. We set up all eight systems in our own homes, then lived with them for eight months. We recorded the glories and glitches of each to discover which are worth bringing into your home. (Note: Some of the systems we tested have since gone through upgrades. We have updated our review to reflect current packages.)

    Guide to Home Security in Atlanta

    Research your neighborhood

    There’s a plethora of online resources to help you scout out the crime trends in your neighborhood. We recommend starting out with NeighborhoodScout, a sophisticated, map-based resource that allows you to study your area’s safety. Once you’ve identified your area’s safety concerns, consider how you can use that information to craft a home safety plan. Security lights, fencing, and stronger locks are a few ways of making your property a difficult target.

    Identify your top security and automation priorities

    The home security market is a crowded space. While lots of providers overlap in terms of their plans and offers, some excel in specific areas — like technology, customer service, flexibility, integrations. Consider how your ideal system would function. Does it need to sync with your existing home automation devices? Would you rather pay more upfront than be tied into a long-term contract? Do you need a company who can install the system for you? Make a list of your top wants in order of importance. Sift through the best home security providers to find the one that meets your priorities.

    Consider local home security companies

    Our top picks help protect your home, whether you’re looking for a full-service system or simply a few security cameras. But if you want to be certain you’re getting the best rate for the equipment and services you want, we’ve also found five local, highly regarded Atlanta home security companies, based on consumer feedback from Yelp and Angie’s List. These providers are a great place to start comparison shopping.

      Best Home Security Systems for Atlanta FAQ

      How long does it take for a security system to notify the police?

      This will depend on your monitoring center and your local police department, and the communication between the two. The monitoring center should be notified within seconds, but before they contact authorities, they have to talk to you first. If you don’t answer, they’ll then call a secondary contact. The monitoring system will contact police if the secondary contact doesn’t respond, and even if you respond on the first call, you have to determine whether you want to send authorities.

      What is the crime rate in Atlanta?

      Despite being ranked as the sixth most dangerous city in the nation by Forbes, Atlanta has a decreasing crime rate — and it’s declining across several categories, including burglary. You can check the current crime rates for yourself through the Atlanta Police Department’s weekly reports.

      Recent years have brought further drops in total burglaries: January through July of 2017 saw 1,878 burglary offenses, whereas 2018 saw 1,669 in the same amount of time — an 11% drop. Although the decrease seems reassuring, it’s still worthwhile to consider arming your home with a security system.

      Do you need to register your security system in Atlanta?

      Yes. Upon installing a home security system in Atlanta, you’re required to register the alarm system with Cry Wolf Services (the company Atlanta hired to manage its false alarm reduction program). Registration is free, but failure to register merits a $75 fine.

      What is the false alarm fee in Atlanta?

      In 2017, the Atlanta Police Department was alerted to 38,705 false alarms and only 730 “true” alarms. Not only are they inconvenient to you, false alarms cost police and fire departments time and money — to the tune of $775,000 per year in Sandy Springs alone.

      Despite the strain false alarms place on resources, the City of Atlanta amended its existing false alarm ordinance in order to reduce fines by 50%. And the first and second offenses won’t cost you anything at all. The third — $50. Fourth — $100. Fifth-sixth — $200. Seventh and beyond — $500.

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