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Last updated on Mar 10, 2021

Kuna Home Security Review

Preventative DIY home security with free cloud storage ​
Kuna Home Security

Kuna Home Security

  • Unique burglary avoidance features
  • Integrated smart security lights, video, and alarm
  • 2+ hours of free cloud storage
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How We Reviewed Kuna Security

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3 plan tiers

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3 multipurpose security devices

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1 simple security solution

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Kuna is a smart security platform that focuses on preventing break-ins by giving users the ability to detect and respond to threats in real time. This DIY solution offers self-monitoring of your home security devices—all of which the Kuna app can control directly. 

The company’s tagline is simple: “Smarter homes. Safer neighborhoods.” But do the products and platforms match the promise? For our Kuna smart security review, we’ve evaluated the company across plans, service availability, pricing, customer service, and how it stacks up against other popular providers.


  • No mandatory subscription
  • Interactive security options
  • Great looking devices 


  • No professional monitoring
  • Free plan may give excessive false alerts
  • Limited automation integration

Kuna Smart Security

Kuna is great for users who want DIY security systems backed by cutting-edge AI.

PlansAvailabilityPrices Starting atContract Length
Free50 States$0/monthNo contract
Essential Security 50 States $4.99/monthNo contract
Peace of Mind50 States$9.99/monthNo contract
Absolute Control50 States$19.99/monthNo contract

*Data as of 04/22/20


Kuna offers four plans with increasing camera coverage and video storage, but no professional monitoring.

Kuna offers four plans for its smart home security platform: Free, Essential Security, Peace of Mind, and Absolute Control.

If you choose the Free plan, you’ll still need to pay up front for any connected devices including Kuna security lights, cameras, and doorbell video cameras. All Free plans include 24/7 live HD video, two-way audio, pre recorded greetings, manual recording, two-hour video lookback, and three video downloads per month.

Upgrading to the Essential Security plan covers one Kuna smart security camera with seven-day lookback, unlimited downloads, custom greetings, and Kuna AI. Peace of Mind includes a 14-day lookback for up to four cameras, while Absolute Control expands coverage to eight cameras and offers a 30-day lookback. All plans are self-monitored, and while they include “quick 911 access” from the Kuna mobile app, users are ultimately responsible for responding to any triggered alarms. Worth noting? The Free plan may return false positive security alerts from random movement since it doesn’t include access to Kuna AI, which helps it distinguish humans from the environment at large. 

Compared to other DIY, self-monitored solutions. such as Ring and Nest Secure, Kuna doesn’t offer the same breadth of camera and sensor options. Where Kuna excels, however, is with for-pay plans that include advanced AI capable of detecting threats on demand.

Who is each plan best for?

  • Free – Best for basic DIY installation
  • Essential Security – Best for improved detection
  • Peace of Mind – Best for unlimited video downloads
  • Absolute Control – Best for multi-camera coverage


The Kuna platform is available across all 50 states. This puts it on par with other nationwide competitors such as ADT and Vivint. 

Kuna’s wide availability stems from its DIY install and monitoring approach. Unlike other security companies, you’re not paying for 24/7 live coverage and support, you’re paying for advanced artificial intelligence tools capable of detecting threats in real time. Combined with two-way audio, personalized greetings, and app alerts, Kuna puts control in the hands of users to help defend their homes.

As a result, connectivity is key. Homeowners can create the ideal system for their needs, so long as they’ve got a reliable connection to the Kuna smart security platform.

Contract & Pricing

Kuna doesn’t require users to sign any contracts—even if you choose to pay up front for the year-long subscription discount, you can cancel anytime by signing in to your Kuna account online. You won’t pay any penalties for cancellation, and you’re entitled to a prorated portion of your payment if you paid annually. 

The security devices offered by Kuna are easy to integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Home systems, but they don’t support other third-party applications and services. When it comes to home security design, however, Kuna stands out: its Maximus Smart Security Light combines the power of an HD security camera with an elegant light fixture design. While Kuna doesn’t offer a trial period on devices, all new purchases come with a 14-day free trial of the Peace of Mind plan. All products come with a one-year limited warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Kuna’s plans also default to an annual payment option, and while this comes with a 33% discount, it also means paying up front. If you opt for month-to-month payments, Essential Security costs $7.49, Peace of Mind is $14.99, and Absolute Control is $29.99.

Customer Service

Kuna has been in operation since 2012. The company isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but currently has an F rating with the BBB. But this doesn’t tell the whole story, as recent reviews of Kuna systems from respected technology sites like CNET give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

If customers need help with their Kuna devices, they can start with the company’s online help center—users can either search for specific answers or check out some of the most commonly asked questions about Kuna products. More in-depth help is available by phone or email.

All installation of Kuna products is DIY, while competitors such as ADT and Vivint offer professional installation of new devices. In general, this poses no problem: Kuna’s smart lights are designed to easily replace existing outdoor light fixtures. However, the company also notes that “120V AC light installation requires knowledge of lighting and electrical systems.” The result? Installation complexity varies based on your skill level and familiarity with smart devices.

Kuna vs. Other Providers

 Prices starting atMonitoring optionsInstallation options
Kuna$4.99/monthSelf monitoringDIY installation
ADT$36.99/monthProfessional monitoringProfessional installation
Vivint$40/monthProfessional monitoringProfessional installation 

*Data as of 04/22/20

Further Reading

These two security systems are like night and day. The tech-based start-up versus the legacy security brand. Both offer modern technological solutions to residential security (and ADT’s app actually gets better reviews on Google Play and the Apple Store), but they serve very different security goals. Most notably, ADT is a professional monitoring company with professional installation. Kuna is a DIY smart home security company that expects that you can replace your existing exterior light with their smart option. For traditional security, with all the sensors, alarms, and professional back-up you could ask for, go with ADT. For a much cheaper, much more streamlined option that puts the controls in your hands, go with Kuna.

Kuna Smart Home Security vs. Vivint

Vivint is a front-runner in smart home security technology, making it a more analogous comparison to Kuna. Besides their shared, tech-first origins, however, the comparison between them is actually very similar to that of Kuna and ADT. Vivint requires professional installation and monitoring, and levies monthly costs in line with traditional industry averages — around $40 per month. While you can opt for a month-to-month plan like Kuna’s, Vivint’s upfront costs will increase if you don’t sign a long term contract – after a mere three-day trial period. That said, Vivint offers a much broader menu of device options, so those looking for a more complete smart home security system will probably be happier with Vivint.

Kuna Home Security FAQ

How much is Kuna home security monthly?

Kuna’s Essential Security plan starts at $4.99/month (billed annually) or $7.49 for a month-to-month subscription.

Do you need a Kuna subscription?

No subscription is required to use the Kuna platform, but Free plans don’t come with access to Kuna AI or extended lookback support.

Does Kuna offer professional monitoring?

No, all Kuna plans are self-monitored.

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