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Last updated on Nov 27, 2019

Esurance Auto Insurance Review

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Esurance Auto Insurance Review

Esurance, an insurance provider owned by Allstate, will appeal to anyone looking for a simple-to-buy and easy-to-use policy. We found its online quote process to be quick and comprehensive — plus, you’ll earn a discount for purchasing online. The Esurance mobile app is just as intuitive and expansive, offering easy policy access and claim filing, and doubles as a Yelp-like tool for finding nearby parking, food, and gas.

You’ll also find some unique discount opportunities that we didn’t see with any other insurer. Alumni of Pac-12 schools, claim-free policyholders, and monitored safe drivers will all receive an exclusive price break. However, its supplemental coverage options are not as vast. For drivers looking for new car replacement, accident forgiveness, property protection, or mechanical breakdown coverages, you’ll want to consider another insurer.

Financial stability is also an important factor to consider, so we looked at Esurance’s financial strength ratings. The company boasts a “Superior” A+ rating from A.M. Best, which means it has the financial backing to settle your claims. Any companies rated “Excellent” A- or above are a reliable choice, so it’s easy to see that a high-rated provider like Esurance will have your back when it comes time to settle a claim.

The Claim

Esurance likes to brand its service as easy, saying that you can “discover insurance that’s surprisingly painless” by choosing a policy with Esurance. This claim promises a satisfactory claims process, easy access to your policy, and educational resources that equip you to make good choices.

Is it true?


As we searched for the best auto insurance companies, we found Esurance’s online quote process to be quick, intuitive, and accurate. After entering your address, the tool automatically pulls vehicles registered to your home. You’ll then enter some personal information and elect the type of coverage you’d like. You can also opt into relevant discounts throughout the process (and there are 18 opportunities to do so). In the end, your online quote is clearly displayed, with everything that contributes to the cost and how much you save with your discounts. You can then toggle each coverage amount to display different policies and prices. The process as a whole is customizable and painless, and an Esurance agent is only a phone call away if you need further clarification.

If you aren’t quite sure what kind of coverage you’ll need, Esurance’s Coverage Counselor tool is a quick way to find advice on which optional coverage endorsements you should consider. It takes less than five minutes to answer a few questions about you and your vehicle, and you’ll receive a roundup of personal coverage options. Each coverage addition features a drop-down description of why the option is important for your policy.

Once you’ve purchased a policy with Esurance, there are several simple ways to utilize it. With its mobile app, you can add cars to your policy, make payments, access a digital insurance card, file and track claims, get roadside assistance, and find on-the-road resources (like parking, gas stations, and food). When it comes to digitally filing a claim, the app will guide you through the type of photos you should take and the information you need to record. You can even video chat with an appraiser for instant estimates — this often leads to same-day payments.

All in all, Esurance takes huge strides to eliminate the hassle from insurance, and it’s a great option as you begin gathering quotes.


Product Overview

Best for

Families eligible for many discounts

Not for

People who need extensive coverage options


Price Quotes differ from person to person
Standout features Basic policy coverage
Unique discounts
E-Star repair program
DriveSense mobile app
In business since 1999
Number of states served 43
Discounts 18
Supplemental coverage options 3
J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study score 852/1,000
Moody’s rating* Aa3
S&P Global rating* AA-
A.M. Best financial strength rating* A+

*Ratings from parent company Allstate

Basic policy coverage

In addition to standard policy options for liability protection, medical bill coverage, and collision/comprehensive, Esurance has a few standout coverages. Additional coverage options include those to protect against damage caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, or for repairs to a rental car.

Unique discounts

Esurance offers a whopping 18 opportunities for discounts on your policy, and the diversity of discounts is just as vast as the volume. The insurer offers standard discounts for installing safety devices, being a good student, holding multiple policies, and taking a safety course. But you’ll also find exclusive discounts for getting your quote online, remaining claim-free, and practicing safe driving habits. Alumni of Pac-12 schools will receive an additional discount. Check out Esurance’s full list of discounts and get a free online quote to see how much you can save.

E-Star direct repair program

If your car gets damaged in an accident, your Esurance claims representative will help you find a facility near you to get it fixed. If you choose a facility in the company’s E-Star Direct Repair Program, the repairs are guaranteed for the entire time that you own the vehicle. While your vehicle is getting repaired, you can even view photos online to see the progress — a nice feature that shows how Esurance strives to go above and beyond.

DriveSense mobile app

Esurance offers a usage-based discount for drivers in 22 states (you can see the full list here). By enrolling in its DriveSense program, you automatically receive a 5% discount — regardless of the driving data it gathers. After your first policy term using the program, you can earn more discounts for safe driving: The app measures things like hard braking, speed, and the time of day. You can check out your current data in the app at any time and improve any unfavorable habits.

Assisting the community

You can learn a lot about an auto insurance company and how it’ll treat you by looking at what it does in the community. Esurance prides itself on its volunteer work and disaster relief programs. More recently, it’s even donated an undercover car to the Scarsdale Police Department for the express purpose of catching a purse snatch. As a potential customer, it’s always reassuring to see an auto insurance provider do more than just handle claims and coverage. Its commitment to community can serve as an indicator of its dedication to its customers.

Possible drawbacks

Vehicle coverage

Esurance does offer collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, along with gap insurance, but it is still missing a few important options. Mechanical repair costs that go beyond routine maintenance are not covered, and any personal belongings in your car won’t be covered, either. If you total your brand-new car, gap insurance will cover the balance of your loan, but Esurance doesn’t offer new car replacement. If you would feel more comfortable with a company that offers the best vehicle coverage, you may be better off with a company like Farmers.

Limited payment options

Esurance allows you to pay online or with a credit card (and even set up automatic payments), but you can’t mail in payments or pay over the phone. This is a relatively minor criticism — most people will probably prefer to pay online anyway — but most other auto insurance providers give their customers several options to pay. This may not be a dealbreaker if Esurance offers you the best quote, but it is something to take into consideration.

The Competition

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Farmers Insurance
State Farm
Our review
Our review
A.M. Best financial strength rating
J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study score
Supplemental coverage options
Number of discounts
Online claim filing
24/7 support

Esurance vs. Farmers Insurance

Farmers offers a host of supplemental coverage options that we didn’t find with Esurance. Accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and rideshare coverage are a few examples of unique endorsements. If any of those appeal to you, Farmers Insurance may be a better fit. Keep in mind, though, that Esurance has better financial strength and claims satisfaction ratings, meaning that Esurance customers are generally happier with their experience than Farmers customers are. We advise getting a quote from both and weighing which features take priority for you.

Esurance vs. State Farm

Where State Farm beats out Esurance is in claims satisfaction and customer service. J.D. Power rated it above the industry average for its shopping experience and claim filing satisfaction, giving it a score of 864 out of 1,000. Esurance is below the industry average with a 852 out of 1,000. Contributing to those good scores is State Farm’s unmatched library of online resources for understanding insurance. Esurance does offer 18 discounts to State Farm’s 11, so Esurance may end up being the cheaper option — but if you value service quality above pricing, State Farm may be a better fit.

Esurance FAQ

The Bottom Line

Esurance is a great auto insurer for those who like to manage their policy and claims digitally. It offers many uncommon discounts, and most customers can customize an affordable policy. Consider the coverage you’ll need carefully, as one of Esurance’s weak points is its supplemental options. Regardless, we always recommend pulling quotes from multiple companies to compare your options thoroughly.