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Select Home Warranty Review

Home warranty plans that include free roof leak coverage and two free months of protection if you pay annually ​
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Select Home Warranty offers home warranty coverage in 45 states and leverages a large network of local contractors to complete home repairs. And, Select home warranty reviews are largely positive. The company is known for great sign-up bonuses like free roof leak coverage and two months of free protection if you pay annually. 

With multiple plans to choose from and a 90-day workmanship guarantee, Select is a solid choice for homeowners looking for best-fit coverage and confidence that repair work will be completed correctly the first time. 

In our Select Home Warranty review, we dig into the pros and cons of this protection company and discover how it stacks up against some of the industry’s top competitors.

Select Home Warranty Overview

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While customers must get a quote to see starting prices for home warranty plans. Warranties are available for condos, manufactured homes, and rental properties — an impressive array of coverage. 

Customers also benefit from a 90-day workmanship guarantee and no home inspection requirement. And you can add a warranty add-on to less common appliances and systems including spas, pools, lawn sprinkler systems, and stand alone freezers.


  • Sign-up bonuses Select Home Warranty offers two months of free coverage when you pay annually, plus free roof leak protection.
  • Multiple plan choices Choose the Bronze Care plan to protect appliances or the Gold Care plan to cover home systems, or get the best of both worlds with the Platinum Care plan.
  • Customizable optional coverage Opt-in for extra coverage including septic systems, lawn sprinklers, or sump pumps.
  • Substantial workmanship guarantee Select Home Warranty offers a 90-day workmanship guarantee on all home repairs.


  • Prices are variable Prices vary by state and are typically higher than home warranty competitors.
  • Service callouts may incur multiple charges If necessary repair work affects multiple systems, such as plumbing and electrical, you may be charged multiple fees.
  • Some gaps in coverage While the Bronze Care plan offers appliance protection, no systems are covered. Similarly, the Gold Care plan provides system solutions but leaves your appliances unprotected.
  • Short claim reporting period To be eligible for home warranty coverage, claims must be reported to Select Home Warranty (online or by phone) within three days of homeowners discovering the issue.

Select Home Warranty Highlights

Coverage & Plans
Before You Buy

Select Home Warranty’s Bronze Plan covers the basic appliances of the home, like the washer and dryer and kitchen refrigerator — but it doesn’t cover any home systems. Inversely, The Gold Plan covers home systems, such as heating, cooling, and ductwork, but doesn’t include home appliances. Finally, Select’s Platinum Plan covers both appliances and systems, but is the most expensive option.

Customers can also add optional coverage such as pool/spa, central vacuum, and sprinkler systems for additional monthly charges.

Work repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. That means if the contractor who completes the repairs makes a mistake or the same problem reappears through no fault of the homeowner, the customer doesn’t have to pay extra to have it made right within this time period.

Monthly pricing depends on ZIP code, so prices available to customers in Arizona will be different than prices in North Carolina. Furthermore, opting into annual billing will result in 14 months of coverage, but with two months free, which can be a boon for savers.

Select Home Warranty Plans

Select Home Warranty  vs. The Competition 

ProviderReviews.com ScorePriceService FeeStates Served
Select Home Warranty2Not Listed$60–$7545 (excludes California, Nevada, New York, Washington and Wisconsin)
OneGuard Home Warranty 3.8$25–$56/mo.$69Arizona, Nevada and Texas
Landmark Home Warranty3.5$35/mo. or $55.84/mo.$60 or $100Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah
American Residential Warranty3.2$34.9–-$59.99/mo.$5550

Information accurate as of March, 2021

Select Home Warranty vs. OneGuard Home Warranty

Both Select Home Warranty and OneGuard Home Warranty offer three protection plans and similar service fees, but there are substantial differences between these two coverage competitors. 

For example, while OneGuard offers coverage in just three states, Select Home Warranty provides plans across 45 states. But a larger coverage area also comes with more variable pricing — OneGuard offers some of the most affordable plans on the market with packages starting at just $30 per month.

OneGuard also has a high claims approval rate at 95%, but doesn’t offer any sign-up bonuses for new clients like Select Home Warranty does. It’s also worth considering service technicians — while both companies supply their own tradespeople, Select Home Warranty always uses local contractors.

Select Home Warranty vs. Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty only offers two plans for homeowners, but includes 20 different add-on coverages compared to Select Home Warranty’s nine optional add-ons. Select Home Warranty, meanwhile, provides greater flexibility with its three-plan model.

When it comes to workmanship, it’s worth noting that Landmark Home Warranty only offers a 30-day guarantee, while Select Home Warranty provides 90 days of protection against defects or other issues. 

Landmark does earn top marks in customer service with an A- rating from the BBB, but only offers coverage across six states. Select doesn’t fare as well with only a B rating from the BBB, but does provide coverage across 45 states. Landmark home warranty coupons offer a way to save money, while Select has occasional discounts that apply to all new sign ups. 

Select Home Warranty vs. American Residential Warranty

American Residential Warranty is available in every state, lending itself to a more comprehensive network than Select, which excludes five states. American Residential Warranty also has more consistent pricing, whereas Select rates may vary depending on where you live. 

Both companies have multiple tiers of service plus add-ons available. American has bundles, premium plans, and add-ons that make customizing for your needs a bit easier. Select’s plans are divided into appliance coverage, systems coverage, and a comprehensive plan with coverage for both.

Select Home Warranty FAQ 


We evaluated Select Home Warranty based on customer experience, customer satisfaction, monthly cost, trade service fees and coverage to determine Reviews.com scores and create our best home warranty reviews. To compare home warranty companies with other providers across the board, we calculate each Reviews.com score based on the following:

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