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Homesite Insurance Review

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In business since: 1997
JD Power Score: 852/1000
AM Best Financial Strength Rating: A
States served: 48 plus the District of Columbia

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Homesite Insurance has been in business since 1997 and helps families nationwide protect themselves with home, auto, and life insurance policies. After Homesite Insurance reviews your individual needs, it helps you tailor a package to suit you. 

We’ve looked at many of the best home insurance companies. For our Homesite Insurance review, we covered both the positives and negatives of this insurance company, looking at a range of factors from pricing to coverage and customer reviews.

Homesite Insurance Overview

  • In business since: 1997
  • JD Power Score: 852/1000
  • AM Best Financial Strength Rating: A
  • States served: 48 plus the District of Columbia

Homesite Insurance is a reasonably priced insurance company with plenty of different insurance products. The coverage it offers is fairly wide for what you pay for, but the coverage options don’t quite live up to what other top providers can offer. Homesite Insurance scores highly for various rating systems such as A.M Best and J.D. Power. However, Homesite falls short with its overall customer satisfaction — relative to the industry, the company has received a high number of complaints.


  • Wide range of optional extras Homesite Insurance offers policy riders that cover several extras such as earthquake protection, pet bites, damage from falling debris, and power outages.
  • Online account control A convenient option for those who want to handle claims and bills online.
  • Reasonable rates Homesite offers competitive premiums on average, although the exact numbers will depend on your application.


  • In-person agents not available Everything is handled online, so this is not a great option for anyone who prefers to handle things in-person.
  • Poorly-rated customer support Homesite scores low on customer reviews and high on complaint rates.
  • Limited discounts While there are some discounts available, the tally is small.

Homesite Highlights


Homesite is known for being a reasonably priced insurance company with cheaper premiums than some of the top insurance providers. Of course, as with any insurance company, the premium you will be offered will vary and can be affected by multiple things. 

Factors that impact your insurance premiums include the level of coverage, value of the property, age of the home, and your credit score. You will have control over some of these factors (for example, your credit score), but some things you will have little control over (for example, the age of your home). To improve your premiums, focus on things you can change such as installing home security equipment.


Despite Homesite’s reasonable prices, its coverage isn’t overly limiting. Homesite home insurance policies cover:

  • Damage to your home — based on the cost to rebuild it.
  • Personal possessions protection from damage, theft, or destruction.
  • Loss of use — Homesite reimburses you for living expenses if you cannot live in your home.
  • Medical payments to others — Homesite’s insurance covers personal liability insurance for medical bills when someone is injured on your property.

Additional coverage can be added to your policy for things like identity theft protection, personal injury protection, valuables coverage, and extended coverage on your home. 

Customer Experience

Homesite’s official reviews on the likes of A.M Best, Better Business Bureau, and J.D. Power are all fairly positive, but the customer reviews tell a different story.

Overall, the customer experience ratings for Homesite are negative. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Homesite experiences three times as many complaints as the average home insurance company. Homesite’s J.D. Power Home Insurance score is 852 out of 1,000 points, which is also below the industry average.

While Homesite is rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau, the customer reviews give the company an average rating of 1.12 out of five stars.

Deals, discounts, and add-ons 

Like most insurance companies, Homesite does offer some discounts for its policies.

  • Moving-in discount: You could receive a discount for moving into your new home.
  • Drive Home discount: If you decide to bundle your home and car insurance together, you could get a 10% discount.
  • Gets Better With Age Discount: Homesite offers discounts to people over a certain age or those who have retired. The details of this can vary by state.
  • Safety First discount: Homesite will offer a discount if you have installed home security equipment such as burglar alarms or sprinklers. 


We evaluated the company based on its customer rating and experience, financial stability, and coverage. To compare American Family with home insurance companies across the board, we calculate each Reviews.com score based on the following:

  • Customer Ratings — Customer ratings are an indication of satisfaction with the process of filing a claim. We measured this using J.D. Power Homeowners Satisfaction ratings.
  • Coverage — As there isn’t one company to fit everyone’s needs, we evaluated companies by the amount of coverage options and add-ons available. 
  • Confidence — It is extremely important for insurance companies to fulfill customers’ claims. Companies with sound financial strength will not have issues paying out claims, regardless of the amount. However, companies with weak financial strength might not be able to pay out claims. We measured this using AM Best’s ratings, which specializes in assessing the financial strength of insurance companies.
  • Customer Experience — The amount of complaints a company receives is an indicator of the overall customer experience as it expresses dissatisfaction. We have based this measure on the NAIC National Complaint Index.

The Competition

Reviews.com Score Score is based on company’s customer experience, financial stability, and coverage options. AM Best Financial Strength Rating AM Best rates insurance providers creditworthiness. Ratings are based on the provider’s ability to follow through with a payout when a consumer files a claim. J.D. Power 2020 Score J.D. Power scores are based on surveys for customer satisfaction and product quality. NAIC Customer Complaints The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), ensures insurance providers comply with national regulations and state laws to protect public interests.
Pin Homesite2.75A852/1000More complaints than average
Pin State Farm3.75A873/1000Fewer complaints than average
Pin Allstate4A+882/1000Fewer complaints than average
Pin American Family Home Insurance3.75A881/1000More complaints than average
Pin Farmers3.5A893/1000More complaints than average
Pin GEICO2.75AA++N/AMore complaints than average

*All information accurate as of 10/21/2020.

Homesite vs. State Farm 

As one of the most popular and well-regarded insurance companies out there, State Farm shares some similarities and clear differences with Homesite. In terms of customer satisfaction ratings, both companies have similar ratings on J.D. Power and A.M Best. However, when it comes to customer complaints, State Farm wins with fewer complaints than average. Homesite’s level of customer complaints is fairly high in comparison.

In terms of policy coverage, both companies offer similar products with additional add-ons such as flood insurance. State Farm also covers all 50 states, which makes it easier for everyone to find a policy, whereas Homesite is limited to 48 states.

Homesite vs. Allstate

Allstate is another very popular and highly rated insurance company. Allstate manages to beat Homesite by a wide margin on A.M Best and J.D Power. According to the data on NAIC, Allstate also excels when it comes to customer satisfaction, with far fewer complaints than Homesite.

Allstate underwrites its own policies, whereas Homesite relies on partners and affiliates to cover some of its policies. While both insurance companies offer a range of discounts, Allstate wins slightly with the number of discounts available. However, depending on your application, you may be able to get a cheaper premium with Homesite anyway. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, Homesite Insurance does a good job of offering comprehensive coverage and additional options to fully protect your home. In most cases, Homesite is competitively priced, although the actual cost for you will depend on your application and circumstances. 

One way Homesite excels is with its customization options. Homesite home insurance reviews your particular needs and helps you customize a package for you. It promises to avoid any “cookie-cutter insurance” policies. Homesite operates entirely online, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. It’s easy to set up, but you’ll have a hard time finding an agent to discuss your policy with in person.

Coverage and customization of home insurance policies are great at first glance with Homesite. However, its overall customer satisfaction reviews are less than impressive, which may be a dealbreaker for some customers. Complaints like this typically reflect the company’s claims process, so make sure you’re prepared if you ever need to file a claim. 

Homesite Insurance FAQ

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