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Last updated on Oct 28, 2020

24PetWatch Pet Insurance Review

Pet insurance that offers multiple coverage options for cats and dogs ​


  • Multiple coverage plan options
  • Hereditary and congenital coverage is unclear
  • Extra features with no copay
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24PetWatch offers both pet insurance and pet protection. The coverage plans can appeal to both cat and dog owners, as the plans are the same. The only differences between plans are coverage limits and deductibles. 

Multiple coverage plans helps simplify the process of choosing a pet insurance policy, but it still involves careful consideration. Owners whose pets are at risk for hereditary issues should review their policy’s coverage exclusions carefully before deciding, because, unlike other providers, 24PetWatch doesn’t have a clear plan on its website for those health problems. Also, keep in mind that dogs over 10 years of age and cats over 12 are ineligible for enrollment with 24PetWatch.

If you decide 24PetWatch is the right choice for you, its add-on wellness packages and extra features, such as emergency boarding and trip cancellation, could be the extra peace of mind you need when it comes to choosing insurance for your pet. 

  • Multiple coverage levels with various deductible options

  • Deductible is annual

  • Two optional wellness add-on packages available
  • Enrollment age cutoff is low, with no alternatives for senior pets
  • The Pet Insurance Factors We Analyzed


    24PetWatch offers multiple pricing options for cats and dogs. The four main plans, which are the same for either pet, provide between $3,000 and $20,000 coverage limits with an 80% copay. Depending on the plan, deductibles fall between $100 and $1,000. While the plan’s annual deductible is flexible, the copay is set at 80%, which is not a bad rate in the industry, but there are lower copays available elsewhere if that’s something you need.

    Other plan options include ‘Accident Only’ with a coverage limit of $20,000 and an ‘Essential’ policy, which has a policy term limit of $1,500. There are also two add-on wellness packages. The Routine Wellness add-on starts at $10 per month, and it includes a spay/neuter procedure, heartworm or FeLV screening, and microchipping. The Advanced Wellness add-on starts at $25 per month and contains everything from the Routine Wellness package, plus dental, heartworm/flea prevention, and more vaccines.

    Customer experience 

    The 24PetWatch website makes shopping for pet insurance a simple process. The website is intuitive and it’s navigation menus make it straightforward to locate essential pages like available plans and FAQs. Potential customers can also find sections on insurance for their pet of choice. You can quickly request a quote for each plan based on factors such as breed, age, and gender. The quote is then emailed to you.

    Customers can view sample plans based on their state to get an idea of what coverage is available. You can also find information about microchipping and the company’s pet protection service. Customer service is available by email or by phone during weekdays. 


    24PetWatch offers one accident-only plan and five plan levels for both accidents and illness. The only difference between the plan levels is the annual claim limit. Plans have the option of wellness add-ons and have some features that aren’t subject to copays or deductibles. These include lost pet recovery costs, boarding kennel fees, accidental death, and more. Extra coverage features aren’t common with other insurers, so 24PetWatch has the advantage here. 

    Conditions covered by 24PetWatch include accident, illness, chronic conditions, and cancer. Preexisting conditions aren’t covered, and coverage of hereditary and congenital conditions is unclear on its website. Treatments for eligible claims include testing, hospitalization, prescriptions, emergency care, and surgeries. ACL issues are considered bilateral, so if one leg is affected before enrollment, none will be covered. If your pet’s breed is prone to problems and requires more flexibility, you might have to look elsewhere. But 24PetWatch can be an asset for dog and cat owners whose vet needs are standard.

    24PetWatch Pet Insurance Overview: Financial Strength, Availability, and History

    24PetWatch has been a subsidiary of PetHealth Inc. since 2003, providing both pet protection and pet services. It isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but its insurance underwriter, The North River Insurance Company, earned an A rating from AM Best. Customer reviews are mixed, with many of the biggest complaints being late payments, lack of coverage, and difficulty canceling. 

    • In business since: 2003
    • BBB Rating: N/A
    • AM Best Financial Strength Rating: A (for the underwriter, The North River Insurance Company)
    • States served: 50

    The Competition

    States Available24/7 Claims ServiceWellness Coverage*
    24 Pet Watch50YesYes
    Figo Pet Insurance50YesNo
    Healthy Paws50NoNo

    *Coverage for routine care like vaccinations, flea/heartworm prevention, etc.

    All information accurate as of 03/24/2020.

    The Bottom Line

    Finding the best care for your pet involves finding the most fitting insurance coverage. 24PetWatch offers several options for coverage and deductibles, though its plans are very structured. Pet owners with significant veterinary needs for their pets may want a plan that’s more upfront about coverage for hereditary and congenital health issues. However, 24PetWatch does have some excellent features, with added coverage for things such as emergency boarding and trip cancellation. There’s also the option of pet protection, making it stand out from many other companies. As with all insurance decisions, customers should request personalized quotes from multiple businesses before making a final choice.

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