Competitive discounts:

If you're looking for discounts, State Farm auto insurance delivers. Alongside common discounts like those for good drivers and good students, State Farm auto insurance also offers price breaks for members of the military and low-mileage drivers. You can gain additional savings by insuring more than one vehicle with the company, a great deal for two-car families. It also pays to stick with State Farm car insurance for the long haul, as they offer a nice loyalty discount that continues to increase year by year. If you're in the market for a renters, homeowners, or life insurance policy, taking your business to State Farm can get you a further discount of up to 17% on your auto policy. Depending on how many discounts you qualify for, you may be in for some pretty big savings.

Strong mobile app:

State Farm auto insurance really stands out for their mobile app, Pocket Agent, which is available for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Pocket Agent gives you full access to your State Farm account, allowing you to make policy payments, access your insurance cards, and locate a State Farm auto insurance agent in your area. The app's claim reporting tools are especially convenient. If you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident, Pocket Agent helps you document the circumstances, collect information from other drivers, file vehicle damage photos, and even complete a claim, all with your phone. Though you might hope to avoid using these particular tools, at least they're available if you need them.

Great online quote features:

Though all major auto insurers offer the tools to build a policy and get an immediate price quote online, State Farm auto insurance really makes it easy. After you get started by entering your name and address, the quote tool takes over, guiding you right through the process. Though the tool does a good job of describing exactly what data you need to enter, if you run into trouble you can submit a question directly to a service representative or even invite a representative to join in on the quotation process, all within your browser window. There is also a progress bar displayed at the top of the screen so you'll always know exactly how much further you have to go, which is a nice touch.

Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount:

If you're under age 25 and have no moving violations or at-fault accidents on your record, State Farm car insurance has a pretty cool discount program that can save you as much as 15% on your policy. To get the Steer Clear Safe Driver discount, you have to complete a special course designed to help you review your driving habits and improve your skills on the road. You'll watch videos, complete self assessments, log your driving trips, and take a safe driver pledge. This is a really solid program that makes you a safer driver and saves you money at the same time. You can collect the Steer Clear Safe Driver course materials from your local State Farm auto insurance agent, access the materials online, or download the Steer Clear Mobile App, which is available for both iPhones and Android phones.

Solid claims resources:

If you get in an accident, reporting a claim with State Farm is about as easy as it gets. You can choose to contact an agent directly, or you can file a report online. If you have State Farm's Pocket Agent app, you can even submit all the materials with your smartphone, including vehicle damage photos. Once your report is complete, you can check on the status of your claim online whenever you want.


No mechanical breakdown coverage:

Mechanical breakdown insurance helps cover the cost of engine repairs and parts replacements that aren't covered by your car warranty, offering you real peace of mind as your car ages. Unfortunately, mechanical breakdown coverage is not an option for State Farm auto insurance. Though it's hard to complain much since only a few major auto insurers actually offer this type of coverage, it would certainly be nice if State Farm was one of them.

No discount for paying premium in full:

If you're the type of person that likes to get ahead on your bills, you'll be disappointed to learn that State Farm auto insurance doesn't offer a price break for paying your full policy premium up front. Though many other major auto insurance companies offer just this type of prepayment discount, you won't get it from State Farm. To be fair, this is a minor quibble, especially in light of all the different discounts that State Farm car insurance offers to customers.


Financial Strength
A.M. Best FSR Rating A++
A.M. Best ICR Rating aa+
Moody's Rating Aa1
Standard & Poor's Rating AA


  • Accident Forgiveness Your rates do not automatically increase after an accident.

  • Defensive Driver Discount You can get a discounted rate if you complete a defensive driving course.

  • Driving Habits Discount You can get a discounted rate if you place a device in your car that measures your driving habits.

  • Good Driver Discount You can get a discount for having a clean driving record.

  • Good Student Discount Students that maintain a good GPA can get a policy discount.

  • Low Mileage Discount You can get a discount for driving low mileage each year.

  • Loyalty Discount You can get a discount if you remain with the company over an extended period of time.

  • Military Discount You can get a discount if you are a member of the military.

  • Multiple Policy Discount You can get a discount for having multiple insurance policies with the same company.

  • Multiple Vehicle Discount You can get a discount if you insure multiple vehicles.

  • Discount Finder The insurance company periodically reviews your auto policy to see if you might qualify for any new discounts.

  • Family Discount Direct family members of current policy holders get a low rate.

  • Organization Discount You can get a discount to if you are affiliated with certain organizations or partner companies.

  • Prepay Discount You can get a discount if you pay your premiums in advance.

  • Automatic Payments Payments can be scheduled automatically.

  • Credit Card Payments You can make a payment with your credit card.

  • Flexible Payment Terms You have flexible payment terms over different periods of time.

  • Mail Payments Payments can be mailed.

  • Online Payments Payments can be made online.

  • Pay by Bank Account You can make a payment directly from your bank account.

  • Phone Payments Payments can be made over the phone.

  • Prepayment Policies can be prepaid in full, often at a discount.

  • Bodily Injury Liability You can get coverage against bodily injuries to others in an accident that is your fault.

  • Personal Injury Protection You can get coverage for injuries sustained by the driver or any passengers, often including medical bills and lost wages.

  • Property Damage Liability You can get coverage against property damage to another party in an accident that is your fault.

  • Rental Car Coverage You can get coverage for your rental car if it is damaged or stolen.

  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage You can get coverage that protects against property damage caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

  • Pet Injury Coverage You can get coverage for injuries sustained by pets in an auto accident.

  • Separate Windshield and Glass You can get stand-alone coverage for damaged windshields or glass.

  • Stacked Uninsured Motorist Coverage You can get coverage that allows you to combine or ''stack'' the individual limits of coverage on multiple insured vehicles in the same household.

  • Add a Driver You can add a new driver to your insurance policy.

  • Add a Vehicle You can add a vehicle to your insurance policy.

  • Billing Status You can check billing status and payment information.

  • Dashboard You can manage and change policy details through an online service center.

  • Paperless Billing You can elect to receive statements and policy information via email or on the company's website.

  • Replace Vehicle You can replace or change a vehicle covered by your insurance policy.

  • Collision You can get coverage against any damage resulting from a collision.

  • Comprehensive You can get coverage against any non-collision vehicle damage including fire, theft, or vandalism.

  • GAP Insurance You can get coverage that pays the difference between the actual value of a totaled car and the balance remaining on an auto loan.

  • Interior Vehicle Coverage You can get coverage of personal belongings inside of the car including sound systems, CDs, and DVDs.

  • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage You can get coverage that includes all mechanical repair costs beyond routine maintenance.

  • New Car Replacement You can get coverage that will replace a totaled car with a brand-new version if it is less than 1 year old.

  • Medical Payments You can get coverage for a variety of accident-related medical bills.

  • Rental Car Reimbursement You can get reimbursed for the cost of a rental car following a claim.

  • Roadside Assistance You can get roadside assistance for flat tires or other mechanical problems.

  • Towing and Labor The cost of towing and the labor associated with getting your car back on the road is covered.

  • 24/7 Claims Center A claims center can be reached 24/7.

  • Agent Claim Filing You can contact an agent to file a claim.

  • Mobile Claim Filing You can file a claim through a mobile app.

  • No Repair Facility Restrictions You can have repairs done at the facility of your choice.

  • Online Claim Filing You can file a claim online 24/7.

  • Repair Facility Recommendations The company provides a network of recommended repair facilities.

  • Telephone Claim Filing You can file a claim via telephone.

  • Insurance Cards by Mail You can receive your insurance cards by mail.

  • Online Policy Purchase You can purchase a policy entirely online.

  • Online Rate Quotes You can get a car insurance quote on the company's website.

  • Print Insurance Cards You can print your insurance cards.

  • Insurance Cards by Fax You can receive your insurance cards by fax.

  • Accident Guide A mobile app that assists with data collection, emergency services, or tips in the event of an accident is available.

  • Android App You can get an Android-specific app.

  • Claim Details You can update your claim details through a mobile app.

  • Connect with an Agent You can connect directly with an agent through a mobile app.

  • Digital ID Cards Digital ID cards are available online or on mobile devices.

  • Favorable Mobile App Store Reviews The mobile app has a combined 3.5 stars or greater for their iPhone and Android apps.

  • File a Claim You can initiate or file a new claim through a mobile app.

  • GPS Locator The mobile app has a built-in GPS locator.

  • iPhone App You can get an iPhone-specific app.

  • Mobile Website A mobile-specific website is available.

  • Tablet A tablet-based app is available.

  • Text Message Alerts Policy alerts or updates can be issued by text message.

  • Edit Policy You can edit or change your policy details with a mobile app.

  • Email/Print ID Cards You can email or print digital insurance cards.

  • Get a Quote You can get a rate quote through a mobile app.

  • Email/Ticket The company has an email or ticket system dedicated to support.

  • Live Chat The company offers live chat support.

  • Phone You can contact the company by phone to get support.

  • Social Media You can contact the company with questions through social media websites.

  • Blog A blog with relevant insurance information is available.

  • FAQs A list of answers to frequently asked questions is available.

  • Forum The company provides access to an interactive forum where users can post questions and answers.

  • Glossary A glossary of common industry terms is available.

  • Knowledge Base A knowledge base of detailed help articles is available.

  • Video Tutorials Video tutorials are available.

  • Anti-Theft Device Discount A discount is offered if vehicles are equipped with an anti-theft device.

  • Vehicle Equipment Discount A discount is offered if vehicles have certain safety or theft-protection features.

  • Electric Vehicle Discount A discount is offered for electric vehicles.

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