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Last updated on Dec 03, 2019

The Best Missouri Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Missouri’s average annual premiums for homeowners insurance are right in line with the national average — $1,253 per year for an HO-3 policy, compared to $1,173 nationwide. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your home’s size, your assets, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Missouri?

Average annual premium in Missouri : $1253

$0 $2,500
U.S. Average

The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Missouri

There’s a lot to love about Missouri, from stunning lakes and rivers to legendary barbecue, and the state’s affordable cost of living only sweetens the deal. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for home insurance prices. An increase in severe storms over the years, along with an upswing in high-value real estate, have led to higher claims payouts, meaning higher premiums for homeowners.

Since Missouri homeowners will pay around $1,200 per year for their insurance — which is a little higher than the national average of $1,173 — it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best coverage for your buck. We’ve evaluated the state’s top five home insurers to help get your search started.

How We Found the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Missouri

We sized up Missouri’s five largest home insurance providers by market share, weighing them against the same criteria we used in our national homeowners insurance review. In short, we checked each company for reliable financial backing, diverse coverage options, and positive customer service reviews. We also took note of the providers with the lowest prices and best savings opportunities — though prices are individual, so you’ll have to request personalized quotes so see which one is the best deal for you.

The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Missouri

Missouri Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual

We’ll start with Liberty Mutual’s ratings: this company earned the top Consumer Reports score on our list, meaning it can be trusted for a smooth, painless claims process (a nice assurance during an already stressful experience). J.D. Power gives it a ⅗ rating, which is a respectable customer satisfaction score equal to Farmers and American Family.

Liberty Mutual also has some resources that go above and beyond. We’re impressed with the company’s 24/7 repair service for homeowners — an option we haven’t seen elsewhere. It also has a catastrophe response unit to help policyholders settle their claims quickly and, if necessary, find alternate housing after a major disaster.

On top of standout services and solid basic coverage, Liberty Mutual has some policy add-ons that we like. For example, customers have the option to add Home Protector Plus, which covers all of your possessions to their full value (instead of a depreciated value). This endorsement will even help pay for alternate housing in the event that your home is rendered unlivable.

And, finally, Liberty Mutual cuts its policyholders a good deal with plenty of discount opportunities. Thanks to automatically-applied discounts, our sample quotes from Liberty Mutual tended to be lower than those from other providers. Out of all Missouri’s home insurance providers, we recommend starting with a quote from Liberty Mutual (though you’ll still want to check prices from other companies to see how they compare).

State Farm

State Farm is another nationwide standby, and a great choice for Missouri homeowners. Like Liberty Mutual, this company pulls in respectable ratings across the board: an “A” for financial stability, an impressive 4/5 points from J.D. Power, and Consumer Reports calls its claims experience “very good.”

We’re also impressed with how easy State Farm makes it to purchase a great homeowners policy. Its website is streamlined and informative, with clear explanations about all of the company’s coverage and discount options. It also has some handy tools to assist you in the quote process. We especially like the 360Value feature, which helps determine your home’s replacement value (in other words, the amount you should be insuring it for).

During the quote stage, State Farm also gives you the option to tinker with coverage and deductible amounts. You’ll be able to see how such factors affect your overall premium, and make sure you’re choosing a policy you’re comfortable with — and comfortable paying for.

We will mention that our sample quotes from State Farm tended to be on the high end compared to other top Missouri providers. That said, it’s important to remember that insurance premiums are highly personal; depending on how State Farm evaluates your individual risk factors, it may end up being a more affordable option for you.

Shelter Insurance

Shelter is a smaller, regionally-based provider compared to our other top picks. It only offers home insurance in 15 states, most of them in the mid- or southwest. Still, it’s big enough to be rated by the major agencies (and doesn’t disappoint). We’re especially impressed by the company’s 4/5 rating from J.D. Power — a tough score to achieve, and an indicator of reliably great customer service.

As a regional company, Shelter is also attuned to the specific needs of Missouri homeowners. For instance, it’s one of the few companies that offers earthquake insurance as an add-on, which is especially important if you live in the New Madrid seismic zone. You also have the option to tack on dock, pier, or watercraft insurance — a nice addition for a summer home in the Ozarks.

On the downside, Shelter has fewer discount opportunities than our other top picks. This might make it a pricier option if you’d otherwise qualify for lots of savings. It’s also one of the two companies (along with American Family) that won’t give you a homeowners insurance quote online. You’ll have to enter your information and then wait for an agent to get in touch with you.

Though it may take a little longer to get a quote, we do recommend checking out what Shelter Insurance has to offer. Missouri homeowners may stand to benefit from its specialized coverage — plus, customers with regional and local companies tend to report excellent customer service.


A Farmers home insurance policy starts with great coverage. Beyond the basics (like liability and property insurance), this company offers some unique endorsements that we love. For example, Farmers is one of the few providers we’ve seen that offers eco coverage. If your home has green updates or is LEED-certified, this endorsement will pay to rebuild it up to those standards (and with eco-friendly materials) if a covered damage occurs.

We especially appreciate that Farmers offers flood insurance for homeowners. Very few companies sell flood insurance directly; most people will end up having to buy it through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program instead. With Farmers, homeowners can keep all their coverage under one roof, which greatly simplifies the claims process in the event of a flood.

Of course, the coverage types included on your insurance will depend on the policy you choose. Farmers offers three different policies — standard, enhanced, and premier — with varying levels of coverage (and cost) at each tier. The cool part: You can view different policy types during the quote process to see what your premium gets you at each level.

Farmers didn’t wow us with its ratings, taking home slightly-below-average customer service scores from both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. Still, it has some unique coverage options that are worth checking out, as well as a decent list of discounts. We’d recommend requesting a quote to see what this company can offer you.

American Family

We’ll start with the good: American Family has an A+ financial rating from A.M. Best, the highest score of any provider on this list. Though the others earned respectable A’s, AmFam offers just a little extra peace of mind that your claim can be paid no matter what.

American Family also offers comprehensive coverage — from property protection to sewer backup and identity protection — aw well as a decent selection of discounts. Add to that some great resources, like AmFam’s home insurance calculator, and you’ve got a solid provider.

There are a couple things we’re not thrilled about, though. First off, American Family is one of the few Missouri insurers that doesn’t offer quotes online. Instead, you’ll have to enter your information and wait for an agent to contact you with pricing information — which, for us, took a few days. This is a bit of a hassle during the shopping around process.

It’s also worth noting that American Family took home the lowest Consumer Reports score on this list — meaning customers generally aren’t impressed with its claims process. That said, it did earn an average 3/5 customer service points from J.D. Power and an A+ financial score from A.M. Best. Overall, AmFam is a strong insurer, and it’s worth calling for a quote to see how prices stack up.

Guide to Homeowners Insurance in Missouri

Look for earthquake and sinkhole protection

Along with basic property and liability insurance, Missouri homeowners should look for two important coverages. The first: earthquake protection. Though Missouri may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think “earthquake,” there’s actually a fault zone, called the New Madrid, that runs right through the state. The area experiences frequent micro earthquakes, and seismologists predict that it could be due for a major quake in the next few years. Make sure you and your home are adequately protected, just in case.

The second to look for is sinkhole protection. Though relatively rare, the U.S. Geological Survey names Missouri as one of the seven states where sinkholes occur most often. Sinkholes can do damage to both your home and land, so it’s worth talking through the risk with your insurer and seeing whether coverage is available.

Be aware that prices are on the rise

Homeowners insurance claims have been on the rise in Missouri for a long while. According to the Insurance Research Council, average claim severity in the state rose far more rapidly than the national average between 1997 and 2013. Why the upswing? It’s partly because of increasingly erratic weather and more severe storms; and partly because Missouri homes are getting bigger and therefore more expensive to repair.

Unfortunately, larger insurance claims mean larger premiums for homeowners. If you’re looking to renew your policy or buy a fresh one, prices may not look the same as they did the first time you shopped around. That’s why it’s important to compare quotes and make sure you’re getting a fair premium.

Shop around before you buy

Finding the best homeowners insurance is all about striking a balance between price and coverage. We’ve done some of the comparison work on the front end, looking at ratings, coverage, and discounts, but here’s the rub: prices are individual. Since every company evaluates risk factors (like location, home value, and claims history) a little differently, you won’t know which one is best for you until you’ve compared multiple quote and coverage options.

We recommend checking prices with all five of Missouri’s top providers before settling on a policy. All except one — American Family — offer quotes online, so it should only take a few minutes to see which ones offer the most competitive premiums for you.

Missouri Homeowners Insurance FAQ

What’s the average cost of homeowners insurance in Missouri?

The average Missouri homeowner will pay around $1,250 per year for home insurance, which is right in line with the national average of $1,170. Of course, you own premium depends on a number of factors, including your address, your home’s value, and your assets. That’s why it’s so important to compare prices from multiple providers before choosing a policy.

What’s the best auto and home insurance in Missouri?

Many insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts. If you bundle your homeowners and auto insurance, for example, you may be able to save a chunk of change on both policies. We recommend starting with Liberty Mutual for bundling home and car insurance in Missouri. This company has a reputation for offering low prices — in large part, because of the ample discounts that it cuts for customers.

What’s a good homeowners insurance calculator for Missouri?

compared multiple quote and coverage options but not sure what you need? Using an insurance calculator can be a great first step. These tools consider your home’s individual risk factors (things like age, value, location, and claims history), and help you determine the right types and levels of coverage for your situation.

Some of Missouri’s top home insurers offer these resources right on their websites. Liberty Mutual’s coverage calculator is a great place to start: It asks a few short, simple questions that will help you choose a basic insurance package. For additional ideas, we recommend putting your ZIP code into Allstate’s Common and Costly Claims tool. It’ll show you the most common homeowners claims filed where you live, so you know the most important things to protect against.

The Best Homeowners Insurance in Missouri: Summed Up

Liberty Mutual
State Farm
Shelter Insurance
American Family
A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating
J.D. Power Overall Satisfaction Score
Online Quote Tool

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