Lara Vukelich

Lara Vukelich is a freelance writer for Over the last 12 years, she has covered internet service, home goods, travel and more at Expedia, Huffington Post, and other publications.

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The Best Internet Service Providers in Los Angeles

Residents of Los Angeles enjoy a vast array of internet options, more than what’s typically available in rural areas of America.  Angelenos have access to broadband, fiber optic cable, and generally some of the highest-performing internet around as well as a bounty of provider options. Whether you want to use your internet to stream shows, ...

The Best Satellite Internet

The Best Satellite Internet Providers There may only be two major satellite internet providers in the U.S., but internet users should still pay close attention to their options. Based on rural availability, reliability, price, speed and other relevant factors, one provider may be a better option than the other. We dove into the data to ...