What is admitme.tv, the Super Exclusive and Secretive Invite-Only Streaming Service?

Reviews.com Staff
Reviews.com Staff

The TV streaming war is upon us, but not every name in the fight is a household one. There’s a little-known streaming service that goes by the name Admitme.tv, a secretive and reportedly restrictive streaming platform known by some internet users for its expansive library and exclusive memberships.

If you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably not alone. There isn’t a lot of information out there about the service, beyond brief write-ups on niche websites here and there, plus a smattering of social media chatter and even a Quora post.

Admitme.tv feels like one of those rare things on the internet that people have either never heard of, or are obsessed with. According to public domain registration information, as found on whois.com, the domain was registered via Name.com in 2014. We reached out to the contact information listed with the domain but didn’t hear back. 

When you first visit Admitme.tv, you’ll be directed to a bare-bones login page. It looks exceptionally ordinary – but there’s one glaring omission.

There’s no “sign up” option. This isn’t a glitch – it’s how the platform stays so exclusive. The only way to gain access is apparently through an existing user who is willing to share their account or send you a coveted invite to create your own. 

People frequently beg for invites on Twitter – even offering to pay for them. There are conflicting accounts on how much the service costs once you’re in, but one blog claims there is both a free and a paid version. Reddit users in the subreddit r/piracy have raised questions about the business model for Admitme.tv, and how the service works. 

It’s possible the site has even disabled invites, according to a Tweet where one user offered to sell their login info instead of an invite. Once you’re in, you apparently have access to pretty much any TV show or movie you could dream of – even new releases. The user experience is reportedly similar to mainstream streaming services. 

While it might be tough to get access to Admitme.tv, you can always check out these other cable alternatives, including 11 free ones

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