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Last updated on Dec 06, 2019

United Auto Insurance Review

Fast auto insurance for residents of Illinois and Indiana ​
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Michelle Clardie

By Michelle Clardie Contributing Writer

United Auto Insurance Review

United Auto Insurance (not to be confused with United Automobile Insurance, a company that is often mistakenly referenced in Google search results and online reviews) is an insurance agency serving residents of Illinois and Indiana. As an agency and not an insurer in its own right, it specializes in providing last-minute insurance coverage from third-party providers. You can get a quote online, purchase your policy within minutes, and receive proof of insurance immediately. Customers report fast and friendly service.

That said, since United Auto Insurance doesn’t technically sell its own policies, it is not rated by many of the industry’s most popular financial strength and customer satisfaction rating services (like A.M. Best, Moody’s, and J.D. Power). What does this mean for you? Basically, your experience may depend on which insurer United Auto matches you with. Because claims will be filed with your insurer and not United Auto, it’s important to look into the customer satisfaction scores and financial strength of your specific insurer.

The Claim

United Auto Insurance claims to offer “top quality insurance at the lowest possible prices” to residents of Illinois and Indiana, and it claims that it will “customize a monthly payment plan to fit your budget.”

Is it true?

It’s hard to say.

United Auto Insurance is a small insurance agency, focused specifically on Illinois and Indiana, so what it lacks in geographical coverage, it makes up for in service, flexibility, and local knowledge.

Unfortunately, United Auto is not rated by customer-service analyzer J.D. Power, though United Auto currently has an impressive score of 4.4 out of five stars on Google. And the score is just as high in Better Business Bureau reviews. Customers are happy with the friendly service, immediate coverage, affordable rates, and flexible policies.

Because United Auto pairs you with a third-party insurance company, it is able to customize policies and terms to get you the specific coverage you need at a rate you can afford. However, those “affordable rates” may come with a catch; customers have also reported being matched with insurance companies that, while affordable, are hard to work with when it comes time to file a claim. Your experience will depend on which company you are paired with, so if you would rather have the peace of mind of knowing where your insurance is coming from, we recommend pulling quotes from insurers directly. J.D. Power’s list of highly rated auto insurance providers is a good place to start.

Product Overview

  • In business since: 1979
  • A.M. Best financial strength rating: Not rated
  • Moody’s financial strength rating: Not rated
  • S&P Global financial strength rating: Not rated
  • J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study score: Not rated
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+
  • States served: 2
  • Pros: Immediate coverage, friendly service
  • Cons: Small coverage area, no online claims service


Featured coverage
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Increased Liability Limits
Liability Coverage
Advertised discounts
Safe Driver

Customizable policies

Because United Auto Insurance is a relatively small company with a limited service area, it is able to work one-on-one with customers to find the coverage and rates that will work best for each policyholder. There are specific policies available for commercial uses like towing, limousines, and delivery services. Even ride-share drivers (for platforms like Uber and Lyft) can take advantage of coverage designed specifically for them. The company’s business model — partnering with multiple insurance companies and connecting customers with the one that meets their needs best — allows for more flexibility than you’d find by working with a single insurer.

Exceptional customer satisfaction

United Auto doesn’t have the same guaranteed level of customer satisfaction as big-name insurers, given that it isn’t rated by agencies like J.D. Power. That said, it has high Google review and Better Business Bureau scores, meaning that the vast majority of customers have had good interactions with agents. One reason customers are so happy with United Auto Insurance is because it specializes in last-minute coverage. You can get a quote within minutes, purchase your coverage 24/7, and receive immediate proof of insurance. Customers also report that the insurance agents are friendly, professional, and helpful. Furthermore, there were only three complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau in 2018, which is very low for the auto insurance industry, even when you consider the relatively small size of the company.

Nationwide roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is included in the rates presented in your online quote. Even though United Auto Insurance only operates in Illinois and Indiana, it contracts with vendors to provide 24/7 roadside service anywhere in the continental U.S. Services include mechanical first aid, tire repair, battery servicing, towing, accident towing, and lockout service. This nationwide roadside assistance is a pleasant surprise coming from such a small local insurance provider, especially since it doesn’t write its own policies.

Possible drawbacks

Small coverage area

Since United Auto Insurance only covers residents of Illinois and Indiana, anyone living outside of these two states is ineligible for United Auto Insurance coverage. The upside is that United Auto Insurance is able to better tailor its services to Illinois and Indiana residents, but bigger companies also typically come with more solid guarantees of customer service and financial strength.

No online claims service

After you purchase a policy with United Auto, many of your interactions will be with the insurer you are matched with — meaning you will need to contact your insurer if you need to file claims. It’s inconvenient enough that you can’t manage every part of your policy through United Auto, but customers also note that many of the smaller insurers that partner with United Auto have spotty customer service, meaning you could be stuck with a headache once it’s time to file a claim.

The Competition

United Auto Insurance Erie Geico
Our review Our review
A.M. Best financial strength rating
N/A A+ A++
J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study score
N/A 3/5 3/5
Customer complaints*
Not registered with the NAIC Fewer complaints than average Average number of complaints
24/7 claims support
Number of states served
2 12 50
Nationwide roadside assistance Local expertise Excellent customer satisfaction scores Varied coverage options Nationwide availability Excellent mobile app Impressive financial strength
Doesn’t sell its own policies No guaranteed customer satisfaction or claims service Limited reach Limited online functionality Lackluster ride-share coverage
Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote

*Customer complaints are registered by the NAIC and measured relative to the company’s market share.

United Auto Insurance FAQ

What do I need to get an auto quote from United Auto Insurance?

You can get a quote online in about two minutes from United Auto Insurance. You just need to provide your basic information: name, phone number, address, and vehicle information. You’ll also answer a few quick questions about your driving history and use of your vehicle. If you’re interested in customizing your policy, you can call the Chicago office directly at 773-202-5000 to get a quote for your unique needs.

How does roadside assistance work when I’m traveling out of the coverage area?

If you run into vehicle trouble while you’re traveling anywhere in the continental U.S., simply call the toll-free roadside assistance number for assistance. Even though United Auto Insurance only serves residents of Illinois and Indiana, it has a nationwide network of locksmiths, towing companies, and mechanics ready to come to your rescue.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility, often required for drivers who have had their driver’s license suspended or who have been charged with failing to maintain the minimum required insurance coverage. This certificate is filed with the Secretary of State to prove that the driver meets the state’s minimum insurance requirements. United Auto Insurance offers same-day SR-22 insurance and will file the required documents with the Secretary of State on your behalf at no additional charge.

The Bottom Line

If you live within its two-state coverage area and want to take some of the legwork out of looking for insurance, United Auto Insurance could be a good option for you — it sells policies from multiple insurers, meaning you’re likely to get coverage tailored to your needs. Quotes are fast, and customers report generally good interactions with agents. That said, because United Auto does not sell its own policies, it is lacking in a few areas; it has no independent financial strength or customer satisfaction scores, and your experience with claims depends entirely on the insurer United Auto matches you with. If you’d rather have the security of a well-established company, we recommend gathering quotes from a few bigger names, like ERIE or Geico, to see which offers you the best price on the coverage you need.