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Last updated on May 07, 2020

The Best Pet Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for every member of your family ​

How We Found the Best Pet Insurance

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4 exceptional providers

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Pet owners and experts agree: pet insurance is worth it. With pet insurance, you will never have to choose between their health and your own financial concerns. 

To help you find the best pet insurance policy for your four-legged friend, your budget, and your preferences, we scoured the market. 

In addition to looking for affordable pet coverage, we also looked at the claims submittal and payment processes, ensuring it’s easy to use your policy when you need it. 

We also sifted through countless customer reviews to ensure the providers we picked live up to their promises. Based on these findings, here are our top four pet insurance providers. 

The 4 Best Pet Insurance Companies

  • Healthy Paws®: Best for easy claims process
  • Figo: Best for user interface
  • Petplan®: Best for pets with hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Nationwide®: Best for wellness plans and birds/exotic pets

Vet Exam Fees CoveredNumber of PlansDeductible
Healthy PawsNoOne customizable coverage option for dogs/puppies or cats/kittensYour choice
FigoOptional, for sick/injury exams3: Essential Preferred, and UltimateYour choice
PetplanYes, for sick/injury exams and virtual examsOne customizable coverage option for dogs or catsYour choice
NationwideYes3: Whole Pet® with Wellness, Major Medical℠, Pet Wellness℠Your choice (annual deductible or no deductible plans available)

*Data as of 04/24/2020

Healthy Paws

Best for Easy Claims Process
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws


We love Healthy Paws because it ticks all the boxes. Its policies are affordable. The process of filing a claim is a breeze and most Healthy Paws claims get paid in a week or less. 

Healthy Paws doesn’t cap the amount paid out per year or over your pet’s lifetime. And the company even makes a donation to help homeless animals every time a quote request is submitted. 

Standard exclusions include preventive and wellness-related care, like routine vet visits, and pre-existing conditions. 

When you choose a Healthy Paws policy, you provide some basic details about your pet and they give you policy options, offering different deductibles and percentages of coverage. At this time, Healthy Paws doesn’t offer a 100% coverage option. 

Best For:

  • People who want easy-to-get pet insurance
  • Fast claims payment
  • Pet owners worried about limits on claim payouts
  • High customer satisfaction ratings

Not For: 

  • Owners of dogs over six years old who want hip dysplasia coverage
  • People who want a 100% coverage option
  • Pet owners who want coverage for vet exams


Best for User Interface

Figo Pet Insurance


Another of our top picks for cheap pet insurance, Figo is a relatively new player in the pet insurance game (they set up shop in 2012) but have already solidified itself as a solid coverage provider. 

Figo offers a 100% reimbursement option, too. Its three plans let you pick the annual cap on your benefits. The Ultimate plan gives you unlimited vet benefits each year and you can opt to get coverage for veterinary visits. 

Where Figo really shines is in their use of technology. They offer an AI claims assistant, 24/7 live chat with a vet, and their Pet Cloud app

Within the app, you can get round-the-clock virtual access to a live vet, connect with other pet owners in your area, get reminders for things your pet needs (like their upcoming shots), and more. 

Best For:

  • People who want a 100% reimbursement plan
  • Pet owners who want digital tools to manage their policy
  • People who like telehealth appointments

Not For: 

  • Those looking for a long-standing insurance company
  • Pet owners looking for wellness coverage
  • People who prefer to manage their insurance in-person and with paper


Best for Pets with Hereditary or Congenital Conditions



While no pet insurance companies offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, Petplan will cover hereditary and congenital conditions, as long as your pet didn’t experience any symptoms from them before your Petplan policy goes into effect. And they offer that coverage without a rider (read: extra cost). 

Petplan even has a handy condition checker tool so you can identify any conditions for which your pet might have a heightened risk.  

Other features include no-copay, no-deductible VirtualVet visits and coverage for boarding costs if you have to board your pet while you’re in the hospital. 

In short, if you or your pet have a heightened health risk, Petplan is definitely worth considering. It’s worth noting that it is required that you to visit the vet within 48 hours of noticing symptoms in order to be eligible to file a claim. 

Best For:

  • People with older pets
  • Pets with a risk for hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Those who want sick/illness exam visits covered

Not For: 

  • People who don’t wait to wait out a 365-day exclusion period for curable conditions
  • Pet owners who don’t want to feel rushed to visit the vet after noticing symptoms


Best for Wellness Plans and Birds/Exotic Pets



Nationwide is the biggest pet insurance provider in the country for a reason. On top of offering extensive coverage options — including plans that cover wellness-related care — its also the only major insurer to offer policies to people who own birds or exotic pets

Three plans are offered by Nationwide: Major Medical, which functions like the other pet insurance options we’ve covered in this guide; Pet Wellness, which covers wellness exams, vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention, and more; and Whole Pet with Wellness, which is a hybrid of the two other plans. 

Wellness coverage is a feature of Nationwide that is fairly unique among pet insurance providers, which relates to paying for a pet’s physical exam. If you’re looking for a policy that will help with everything from routine physicals to nail trimmings, check out Nationwide. 

For those not opting for wellness coverage, it’s important to note that Nationwide uses a benefit schedule for their Major Medical plan, meaning there’s a per-condition reimbursement cap.

Best For:

  • People who own birds or exotic pets
  • People who want a well-known, long-established insurance provider
  • People looking for wellness coverage

Not For: 

  • Pet owners looking for the most affordable coverage possible
  • People who want uncapped medical coverage 

Further Reading

How we chose the best pet insurance companies

To pick these top four pet insurance providers, we analyzed plan options, pricing, coverage limits, customization choices, and exclusions. 

We tested each providers’ digital tools and evaluated the resources provided. 

Only pet insurance companies that let you use any licensed vet instead of a small number of plan-approved vets made our list. 


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